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1.How many ___________(tree) did they plant last week?

2.The students went on an _____________(interest) field trip.

3.They can do it by _______________(they).

4.We are very ______________(please) with our studies in the school.

5.Be kind and _______________(friend) to other people.

6.We should behave ______________(proper).

7.The Great Wall is one of _____________(great) wonders in the world.


1.Would you like ____________(save) things for all the people?

2.Do you know how ___________(make) a kite?

3.Let’s __________(put) these books on the table.

4.What about ___________(meet) at the school gate?

5.Tell people ____________(not hunt) animals.

6.We should use things __________(make) of paper.

7.We must ___________(take) good care of the trees.

8. Please tell people ___________(not hunt) wild animals.

9.We learn _____________(be) kind to other people.

10. I learned a lot by ____________(cook).

11. I ___________(write) to my uncle yesterday.

12. Everyone ____________(like) English in our class.

13. He enjoys ____________(read) this book.

14.I learned a lot by ______________(grow) flowers.

15.I have many things ______________(do).

16.She is able ___________(interview) people.

17.They have ____________(do) many things since we came here.

18. I learned ____________(make) pizzas yesterday.

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