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1. Mr Green _1_ in a factory in a big town. He liked fishing very much, and was very good _2_ it. When he was _3_, he went down to the small river behind the factory and tired to catch _4_ fish, but he couldn’t catch many, _5_ the water was dirty. Then one summer he went to the seaside during his holidays and stayed at a small cheap hotel. _6_ the first day he _7_ a big fish and was very _8_. He gave the fish to the hotel. The cook _9_ the fish for all the guests, and they enjoyed _10_ very much. After that he did this every day.

( ) 1. A. works B. worked C. is working D. work

( ) 2. A. of B. on C. in D. at

( ) 3. A. free B. busy C. ill D. right

( ) 4. A. little B. few C. some D. a little

( ) 5. A. so B. because C. and D. or

( ) 6. A. On B. In C. At D. For

( ) 7. A. catch B. catched C. caught D. catches

( ) 8.A. cheap B. free C. happy D. happily

( ) 9. A. cooked B. bought C. did D. put

( ) 10. A. it B. him C. theirs D. himself

2. Jack lost(丢失)his job last week.It was difficult for him to __1__ another one. __2__ told him that it was possible to get a new one in a town two hundred kilometers __3__. He decided to get there __4__. So he went to the railway station and got __5__ a train. He was the only one in the car. The train started. Suddenly a man came in __6__ a gun and said to him, “Your money __7__ your life!” Jack sat there without __8__ up.

“I __9__ any money,” Jack answered.

“Then why are you so afraid of me?” this man asked angrily.

“Because I think you were the conductor, and I didn’t buy a __10__,” answered Jack.

( )1. A. see B. find C. finding D. look for

( )2. A. Nobody B. Somebody C. Anybody D. No one

( )3. A. from B. farther C. away D. off

( )4. A. by bike B. on foot C. by train D. by bus

( )5. A. off B. on C. up D. to

( )6. A. with B. has C. have D. there was

( )7. A. but B. and C. so D. or

( )8. A. stands B. standing C. stood D. stand

( )9. A. don’t have B. have no C. didn’t have D. had

( )10.A. map B. ticket C. book D. gun

3. What is the best way to study? This is a very important question. Some Chinese students often __1__ very hard -_2__ long hours. This is a __3__ habit, but it is not a better way to study. A good student must __4__ enough sleep, enough food and enough rest. Every __5__ you__6__ to take a walk or play basketball or ping-pong, or sing a song. When you __7__ to your studies, you’ll find yourself __8__ than before and you’ll learn more.

Perhaps we can __9__ that learning English is like taking Chinese medicine. We mean that like Chinese medicine, the effects of your study __10__ slowly but surely. Learn every day and effects will come just like Chinese medicine.

( ) 1. A.play B. study C. sleep D. think

( ) 2. A. at B. in C. for D. with

( ) 3. A.best B. better C. good D. bad

( ) 4. A. have B. do C. want D. make

( ) 5. A. month B. week C. hour D. day

( ) 6. A. could B. want C. need D. wish

( ) 7. A. begin B. return C. go D. are

( ) 8. A. stronger B. weaker C. strong D. weak

( ) 9. A. say B. guess C. talk D. know

( )10.A. return B. come C. give D. get

4. Peter was going out shopping. He waited for a short time. _1_ he got on a crowded bus. He _2_ for about five minutes until the bus came to the next bus stop and some of the people _3_. He took a seat beside _4_ woman with several shopping bags. As there was _5_ room for her, _6_ she felt very uncomfortable. Peter wanted to _7_ her, but she didn’t agree. _8_ the bus came to the town and people began to get off. Peter was very polite. He stood up and _9_, but she refused again. It took her _10_ to get all her heavy bags to the door. While the bus was slowly moving away, Peter found the fat woman was left alone on the bus shouting for his help.

( ) 1. A. after B. so C. before D. as

( ) 2. A. sat B. stood C. ran D. waited

( ) 3. A. got off B. got out C. went in D. hurried away

( ) 4. A. a bad B. an old C. a very fat D. a young

( ) 5. A. no B. some C. enough D. not much

( ) 6. A. but B. and C. / D. because

( ) 7. A. know B. push C. talk to D. change his seat with

( ) 8. A. When B. At last C. In a minute D. While

( ) 9. A. went to her B. got off C. spoke to her D. tried to help her

( ) 10. A. a minute B. a very short time C. quite some time D. little work

5. Great weather! It was _1_ and hot all day. We _2_ to a beautiful beach. We had great fun _3_ in the water. In the afternoon, we went _4_. On the way, I found a little boy _5_ in the corner. He was _6_. I helped _7_ find his father. But that made me _8_ very happy. I didn’t have _9_ money _10_ a taxi. So I walked back to the hotel.

( ) 1. A. wind B. cloud C. sunny

( ) 2. A. go B. got C. went

( ) 3. A. play B. played C. playing

( ) 4. A. shop B. shopping C. shopped

( ) 5. A. cries B. cried C. crying

( ) 6. A. lose B. lost C. loss

( ) 7. A. he B. his C. him

( ) 8. A. feel B. feeling C. felt

( ) 9. A. some B. any C. a few

( ) 10. A. with B. on C. for




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