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1. One day after school the teacher says to his students, ―Tomorrow morning, if anyone of you can answer my first question, he or she can go home early.‖ The next day, when the teacher comes into the classroom, he finds the blackboard very dirty. He is very angry and asks, ―Who did it? Please stand up!‖ ―It’s me,‖says Bob. ―Now, I can go home. Goodbye, sir!‖

( ) 1.If someone can answer the teacher’s first question, the teacher will let him go home early.

( ) 2. When the teacher comes into the classroom, he asks all the students to stand up.

( ) 3. The blackboard is very dirty.

( ) 4. The teacher is very happy because Bob can answer his first question.

( ) 5. Tom makes the blackboard dirty.

2. Dear Mike,

We got your letter yesterday. Yes, we can visit you at Christmas. We thought to spend Christmas at home, but now we are going to be with you. Jack will not be in school then. The weather in Chicago is cold, but it doesn’t matter. Sometimes we like the snow. We got our plane tickets. We will get to your city on the 18th. We will stay with you for two weeks. Is that all right with you? We’ll take our favourite recipes, so we can have a nice Christmas dinner.

See you soon.


1. This letter is from Mike’s _____________. Mum and Dad

2. In Chicago, it is ____________ now.

3. Mike has a brother called _____________. He is in school now.

4. Mike’s parents will go to his city by ______________.

5. His parents will come back on ______________31st.

3. Mike: What are you going to be, John?

John: I like maths, so I’m going to be an accountant.

Mike: What about you, Zhang Peng?

Zhang Peng: I like helping people, and I can work for the people. So I’m going to be a policeman. What

about you, Sarah?

Sarah: I like singing, so I’m going to be a singer. And you? Wu Yifan?

Wu Yifan: I’m here. I like cleaning the street, so I’m going to be a cleaner.

( ) 1. John is going to be an accountant.

( ) 2. Zhang Peng likes maths.

( ) 3. Sarah wants to be a singer.

( ) 4. Wu Yifan doesn’t like cleaning the streets.

( ) 5.Mike is going to be a policeman.

4. Sam was eight, and he woke up suddenly. Someone was moving around in the next room. Maybe Grandma was getting a drink of water, he told himself. But the next room was the living room. It wasn’t near the kitchen. There was only grandma in the house with him then. He looked at his watch – three thirty! Too early for Grandma to get up! He got out of bed and opened the door very quietly. The window was open – wide open. Standing near it was a man, looking in the box on the desk. Grandma kept her money and papers there! He thought quickly. Yes, the radio! Turned it on and a man’s voice filled the room. Frightened, the thief dropped Grandma’s papers. He jumped out onto the balcony. Then he jumped down two floors to the ground. He gave a shout. His leg was bent under his body. Grandma was awake and she phoned the police at once. The thief couldn’t get up, because his leg was broken. When the police arrived, they were pleased. ―Well done, Sam,‖said the police officer. ―The man is a well-known thief.‖ Then he said to Sam’s grandma, ―You should keep your money in a bank!‖

( ) 1. Sam woke up at around three thirty.

( ) 2. Sam’s grandma was getting a drink of water in the living room.

( ) 3. Sam shouted at the thief when he saw the thief.

( ) 4. The man is a well-known thief.

( ) 5. The thief ran away at last.

5. In Britain winter is not very cold and summer is not very hot. There is not a great difference between summer and winter. Why is this? Britain has a mild winter and a cool summer because it is an island country. In summer the sea is cool. The winds from the sea bring cool air to Britain. The western winds blow over Britain all the year. They blow from the southwest. They are wet winds. They bring rain to Britain. Britain has a lot of rain all the year. The west of Britain is wetter than the east. The four seasons are all three months long. Winter is in December, January and February. Spring is in March, April and May. Summer is in June, July and August. Autumn is in September, October and November.

( ) 1. There is a great difference between summer and winter in Britain.

( ) 2. The summer is cool in Britain.

( ) 3. It always rains all the year in Britain.

( ) 4. Winter comes in November in Britain.

( ) 5. The east of Britain is drier than the west.

6. There are two kinds of elephants, African elephants and Indian elephants. The African elephant has a round head and very big ears. Their long noses are called trunks. Each of them can be as long as 3.4 metres and as heavy as 103 kilometres. African elephants live in forests in Africa. They eat leaves, roots and fruits. In the past, the Africans tamed wild elephants and used them in wars. Nowadays, some people hunt elephants for their tusks, which are worth a lot of money. The ivory from the tusks is made into many nice things. Indian elephants are smaller than African elephants. They are found in forests in India, Malaysia and some other countries in Southeast Asia. They live on grass. It is easier to train Indian elephants to carry

things such as logs, to do tricks and to perform in circuses. An African elephant lives as long as a man does. But an Indian elephant does not live that long. ( ) 1. There are ___ kinds of elephants.

A. three

B. two B. rivers

C. only one

C. plains

D. four D. forests D. longer D. fruits

( ) 2. African elephants live in ___ in Africa.

A. mountains A. larger A. grass

A. An Indian elephant

7. Hi, I’m Liu Yang. Last weekend I visited my uncle and aunt in Hangzhou. I went there by bus. I got to Hangzhou at about 10:00 in the morning. Then my aunt, my cousin—Tony and I took a taxi to the West Lake. We went there quickly because my uncle is the taxi driver. We rowed the boat on the lake. Then we went to the Taiziwan Park on foot. It was a hot day. The sun was shining in the sky. We felt hot and hungry. We sat under a big tree and had our lunch. We ate bread, orange juice, hamburger, milk and some bananas. Tony saw a fish in the water. So we fed the fish with bread. More and more fish swam to us and opened their mouths. We fed them. We were very happy that day. ( ) 1. Liu Yang lives in Hangzhou. ( ) 2. They went to the West Lake by train. ( ) 3. They had lunch under a big tree. ( ) 4. They fed fish in Taiziwan Park. ( ) 5. Liu Yang’s father is a taxi driver.

8. Ben has a good time today. He does well in his English test. He gets and A grade. He is very happy the whole morning. There is a basketball match between Class A and his class in the afternoon. Ben scores a goal in the second half. It makes his class win 1 to 0. Ben and his classmates are so excited. They laugh and shout for a long time. But he had a headache in the evening. He has to go to bed early after eating some medicine.

( ) 1. Ben is good at ___. A. Chinese B. English ( ) 2. Ben is very ___ the whole morning, because he gets an A grade.

A. happy B. sad

( ) 3. Ben has a ___ match with Class A. A. football B. basketball ( ) 4. Ben feels sick ___. A. in the morning B. in the evening

( ) 5. Ben has to ___ early after eating some medicine. A. go to school B. go to bed

( ) 3. Indian elephants are ___ than African elephants.

B. bigger B. leaves

C. smaller C. roots

( ) 4. India elephants eat ___.

( ) 5. ___ can live as long as a man does.

B. An African elephant C. Both A and B D. No elephant

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