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Module4 Unit 2

Free talk
Tell me more about the festivals:

Flag day

Thanksgiving Day

Spring Festival 春节

Mid-Autumn Festival 中秋节

Lantern Festival 元宵节

Dragon Boat Festival 端午节

Can you match them?

Spring Festival Mid-Autumn Day Lantern Festival

中秋节 春节 端午节

Dragon Boat Festival

What do you do on these festivals?

1.Listen to the tape and number the pictures.

2.Listen again and fill in the blanks 1.I love this festival.We all go to see
Dragon Boat race the ______ __________ _______. We eat zongzi . It’s very delicious. 2.My mother loves this festival.She makes moon cakes . My father likes this festival ,too. He sings______ moon songs _______.His songs are very good.

3.Our favourite festival is Spring _____. the_______ Festival We have a special family _____ _______ jiaozi dinner. And we eat_______. 4. My favourite festival is after Spring Festival. It’s at night. lanterns There are lots of _______and dragon dance there’s a ______ ______.

3.Match the right sentences)

Spring Festival

we go to see dragon dances

Mid-Autumn Festival

we see Dragon Boat Race

Lantern Festival

we eat moon cakes and see a big and round moon

Dragon Boat Festival

we have a big family dinner

Talk about the festivals like this : A:What ’s your favourite festival?
B:My favourite festival is … A:What do you do on …? B: We see … We eat … We have …

on Spring Festival A:What ’s your favourite festival?
B:My favourite festival is … A:What do you do on …?

B: we say happy new year to each other.
We have a special family dinner. We eat dumplings


On Mid-Autumn Festival We eat moon cakes.

We see the moon.

On Lantern Festival
We see lanterns. We can see dragon dances. We eat yuanxiao.

On Dragon Boat Festival
We can see the dragon boat race.

We eat zongzi.

Write a passage about your favourite festival.

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