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一、 找出下面画线部分发音不同的词,将其序号填入括号内。(10分)

( )1.A.tasty B.active C.headache ( )2.A.strong B. post C. motor

( )3.A.study B. use C.funnier ( )4.A.write B. white C.watch

( )5.A.north B. for C. worker ( )6.A.Friday B. village C. thinner

( )7.A.leave B. breakfast C. speak ( )8.A. fifth B. dive C. side

( )9.A. sprout B. accountant C. cousin ( )10.A. hear B. wear C. bear

二, 选择填空。(30分)

( ) 1.We have some friends Canada. A. at B. in C. on

( ) 2. Is the coat. A. How much B. How far C. How old

( ) 3. Where does he ? A. come from B. comes from C. from

( ) 4. 朋友在你家,你要问朋友是否喝茶,说:

A.What would you like, please? B. Would you like some juice, please? C. Would you like a cup of tea, please?

( ) 5.This is interesting job. A. a B. an C.the

( ) 6.There are months in a year. A. twenty B. eleven C. twelve

( ) 7. ? ---- Let's go there by plane.

A. How can we go to Shanghai? B. How we can go to Shanghai? C. What can we go to Shanghai?

( ) 8. Who B. Why C. When

( ) 9. Lily is younger Jenny. A. or B. then C. than

( ) 10.---You skirt is nice.---- ! A. You're welcome. B. Yes C. Thank you

( me a story? A. say B. tell C. speak

( B. She's working. C. She's from China.

( ) 13.Are you ready English class? A. for B. to C. in

( ) 14.-You are too young to Beijing. A. go B. to go C. goes

( ? A. next Sunday B. on Sundays C. last Sunday



( )1.Is there a school near the bank? A. It's about five minutes by bus.

( )2.Do you know the man in the car? B. They're very nice.

( )3.Who;'s this? C. No, I teach Chinese.

( )4.Is Class One next to the teacher's office? D. OK, here you are.

( )5.How far is it to the bus stop? E. Sorry, I don't know.

( )6.Do the twins look the same? F. It's about twelve.

( )7.How about these shoes? G. This is Peter.

( )8. Are you a teacher of English? H. No, there isn' t.

( )9. Show me your tickets,please? I. Yes, they are.

( )10. What's the time, please? J. Yes, it is.

K. Yes, I can see him.


1. is in Mom the kitchen dinner cooking(.)

2. can how vapour become the water (?)

3. tomorrow where to you plant flowers going are

4. week an email I every Alice write to

5. the on many there storybooks shelf



1.请把那座桥涂成黄色。Please colour .

2.他在自己整理床铺。He now.

3.今天晚上我打算写一份关于昆虫的报告。I this evening.

4.他妹妹喜欢和他一起看报纸。with him.






( (


( ( (

( (


It is time to go home now. Li Ming is in a bus on a rainy day. At this time a man with a dog gets on the bus. It is a big dog and its feet are dirty.

He doesn't want the dog to sit near him. But the man says to the conductor(售货员),“Oh,I pay for (付钱)my dog's ticket. Can he sit here like other people?”

The conductor looks at the dog and says, "Yes, sir. But like the older people, he must not put his feet on the chair. "

( ) 1.Li Ming is going home now.A. by jeep B. by bus C. by car

( ) 2.----What does Li Ming see? ---- .A. A bus. B. A conductor. C. A man with a dog.

( ) 3.----Why do the man and the dog get on the bus? ---- Because .

A. It is rainy. B. No one is on the bus. C. The dog can sit.

( ) 4.Li Ming doesn't want the dog to sit near him,because .

A. the dog is big B. the dog is not clean C. the dog isn't mine

( ) 5.The conductor's words mean(意思是)

B.the dog can sit here C. the dog's feet are like the other people


Han Mei is thirteen years old. She often goes to the library on Wednesday. She likes studying. She always borrows many books from the library. She wants to be a writer when he grows up(长大).

Han Mei has a brother, Tim. He is only ten years old. She loves him very much. She always helps him with his

homework. She plays basketball with him on Monday. Her brother wants to be a basketball player.


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