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2013----2014第一学期四年级英语期末练习(1-2) 班级_________ 姓名___________ 学号_________

13、The bag is under the _______. 14、

The dress is on the_______.


Do you have any______? 16、Do you have_______?

17、How much are the______? 18、The jeans are______

19、The boy is next to the_______.20 The bus stop is next to the_______.


right . 22、Turn ________.








__________________________________ 2、看图写作文。(不少于3句话)。


班级: 姓名: 学号:


1. I___ (am, is)a student. You_____(is, are) a teacher.

2.___(what, who) does he do? He ____(is, are)a vet.

3. The clothes _____(is ,are)too expensive.

4._______(how much, how many) are the shoes? They are 20 yuan.

5. ______(where, what) is the cat? It’s in the box.

6. _____(what, how) size do you want?

7. Do you have any jeans? No, we don’t have ___(any, some).

8. The dress is beautiful, but it’s too___(expensive, good).

9.The cap is only 4yuan, it is too____(size, cheap).

10. She____(is, are)a nurse. He____(is, are)a pilot.

11. Do you have ____(any , some)sweaters? Yes, we have ______(some, any).

12. David is next ___(to, in )the gate.

13. What____(do, does)you do? I ___ (am, is)a teacher.

14. ___(who, what)is in the car? Mary is in the car.

15._____(what , who)color is the car? It’s blue.

16. ____(who, what) has a cat? Ann has a cat.

17. I can’t find my socks . I am looking(for ,at ) ____them .


1.( ) There are many books , And you can read books here.

2.( ) There are many bowls , you can cook here.

3.( ) There are many doctors and nurse here.

4.( ) There are many teachers and students here.

5. ( ) I can see many policemen and thieves here.

6. ( ) I can see many animals here. They are eating, playing and sleeping here.


1. What does your mother do? _____________________________ .

2. Is your father a vet? ______________________________.

3. What do you do? ______________________________.

4.Do you like rabbits? ______________________________ .

5. What animals do you like? ______________________________.

6. Where is your chair? _____________________________.

7. What do you do on Monday? _____________________________.

8. Do you go to school on Sunday? _____________________________.

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