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广州版五年级下册英语Module 5--6听力训练

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广州版五年级下册英语Module 5--6听力训练


( )1、A.spring B.summer C.autumn

( ) 2、A.14°C B. 25°C C. 24°C

( ) 3、A.sunny B. rainy C.foggy

( ) 4、A.sea food B.fast food C. dry food

( ) 5、A.much cooler B.much warmer C. much colder

( ) 6、A.the most important B.the most delicious C. the most strange

( ) 7、A.March or May B.February to March C. February or March

( ) 8、A.meat B.vegetables C. cabbages

( ) 9、A.wet clothes .new clothes C.warm clothes



)1.A.Yes,I am.

B.Yes,I do. C.No ,he doesn’t.

( )2.A.There are four. B. I am four years old. C.There is only one.

( )3.A.It’s sunny. B.It’s Monday. C.I like summer.

( )4.A.It’s one o’clock. B.It’s 18°C. C.It’s December 5th.

( )5.A.I prefer peaches. B.I prefer tea. C.I prefer coffee.


1.A:Do you _______ _______me,Jeam?B:Yes,I do.

2.It’s a _______ day.Take your _______ ,please.

3.What’s the weather like now in _______ _______ ?

4._______ we have dinner in the _______ again?

5.The names of the food_______ _______ .

6.Vegetables are _______ for us.


( )1.A.At school. B.In Guangzhou Resraurant. C.At home.

( )2.A.Yes,he does. B. No,he doesn’t.He likes fish. C.No.He prefers beef.

( )3.A.Because it’s good for her. B.Because it’s bad for her. C.Because it’s strange.

( )4.A.It’s cold,wet and windy. B.It’s hot,wet and windy. C.It’s cold and sunny.

( )5.A.It’s 15°C. B.It’s 5°C. C.It’s 0°C.

( )6.Coffee. B.Coke. C.Green tea.


( )1.In Guangzhou there are only two seasons in a year.

( )2.Winter is the first season of a year in Guangzhou.

( )3.It is usually warm in spring in Guangzhou.

( )4.In Guangzhou summer lasts from late May to early November.

( )5.It is usually cool and dry in autumn in Guangzhou.

( )6.In Guangzhou it is usually cold and it often snows in winter.

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