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A story-Nicola’s holidays

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A story-Nicola’s holidays

Choose the answers.
(1). Nicola spends (度过) her holidays in __________. B A. Beijing B. the Arctic (2).Who does Nicola visit?( B) A. Her friends B. Her granddad and grandma

(1). Does Nicola like there first (起初)? ? A. Yes, she does. B. No, she doesn’t. ? ? (2). How does Nicola think about the Arctic? ? ? A. fun(有趣的) B. boring


How is Nicola feeling now?

She is sad.


If you’re granddad, what will you do?

Fill in the blank.
Nicola No shopping malls No playgrounds No TV Granddad We’re going to the shopping malls _________. We’re going to the playground _________________.
TV I’ll show you my __________.

At last, does Nicola think the Arctic is boring? Where can you find?

Wasn’t it boring?

Yes,very boring。


She doesn’t think it’s boring in the Arctic.

Retell the story.

Arctic Nicola goes to the _____ for her holiday. At doesn’t first(开始)she ______ like there. she thinks: It’s shopping malls boring, because there are no _____________ , playgrounds no no___________ and there’s ___TV. Then her granddad takes her to the shopping fishing mall, and they go_______ . Next day, playground granddad takes her to the __________, and igloo they build an ______, then granddad shows her the TV ,they watch the polar bears . At last, Nicola alters her view(改变看法), and she come again next year says “Can I ____________________?

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