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一、单词:1,smart: 聪明的 2, active: 积极地,活泼的 3, shy: 害羞 4,

funny:有趣的 5, Japan: 日本6, France: 法国 7,Germany:德国8, Canada: 加拿大 9, China: 中国 10,piano: 钢琴 11, shopping: 购物 12, painting:绘画 13, art:艺术,美术 14, club:俱乐部 15, hair: 头发 16, maths: 数学 17, sing: 唱歌 18,friend: 朋友

二、短语:1,play the piano: 弹钢琴 2, read a book : 读书 3, fly a kite :

放风筝 4, come from :来自… 5, Be good at:擅长

三、重要句子:1, What a good ---looking boy ! 多么帅气的男孩啊! 2,He looks very friendly . 他看上去很友好。 3,He`s good at maths . 他擅长数学。

4,What`s his name ? 他叫什么名字?

5,His name is… 他叫…

6, How old is he ?\ How old is she ? 他\她多大了? 7,How old are you ? 你多大了?

8,He comes from Australia .他来自澳大利亚。 9,This is my mother \ father. 这是我的妈妈\爸爸。 10,Glad to meet you .见到你很高兴。(Nice to meet

you )

11, Where are you from ? 你来自于哪里?(Where do

you come from ?)

12, I`m from Canada.我来自加拿大I come from Canada.

13, I`m good at singing and dancing . 我擅长唱歌和跳舞。 14,Do you know the girl with long hair ?你认识留着长头发的


15,Where does she come from ? 她来自于哪里?

16,She sings very well, doesn`t she ? 她唱歌很好,不是吗? 17,Does she like playing the piano ? 她喜欢弹钢琴吗?

18,I like singing. 我喜欢唱歌。 She likes playing the piano


19,We like shopping 我喜欢购物。

四、小作文:介绍自己:My name is… I`m… years old . I have two big

eyes… I like playing the piano …. I like maths…

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