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Unit 6 Life in the Arctic.

The life in Arctic.

1.listen and say the chant.
? ? ? ? ? ? The polar bear What’s over there? What’s over there? A bear, a bear, A big big bear, A big big polar bear.

The polar bear

The arctic hare

? What’s he doing over there? ? What’s he doing over there? ? The bear ,the bear, ? The big,big bear, ? The big,big polar bear.

? He wants to catch a hare. ? He wants to catch a hare. ? The bear ,the bear, ? The big,big bear, ? The big,big polar bear.

? He jumps in the water, ? He swims across the lake. ? He walks through the snow ? And he runs up the hill.

? When he comes to the top, ? He comes to a stop. ? He looks around, ? And what’s not there? ? The hare,the hare,the arctic hare.

2.Read the text.
? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? Hi,I’m Howard. I live in Grise Fjord in northern Canada. Most of the year it’s very cold here. In winter it’s always dark. In summer it’s never dark. This is my father on his snowmobile. Sometimes my friends and I build an igloo. Inside an igloo it’s always nice and warm.

3.Read the text. Then do the quiz.
? ? ? ? ? Animals of the Arctic Polar bears are very big. 3 metres 650 kilos Their fur 毛皮is white. So other animals cannot see them when they hunt打猎. ? Their favorite最喜欢 food is seals海豹.

? the arctic fox

? ? ? ? ?

Arctic foxes have beautiful white fur. In winter,the foxes live in groups. They make tunnels under the snow. Their favorite food is lemmings旅鼠. Polar bears also hunt the arctic hare.

The snow owl猫头鹰
? Snowy owls hunt 狩猎in the daytime白天. ? Their favorite food is lemmings 旅鼠. ? They also hunt birds鸟.

The arctic hare野兔
? The arctic hare can run very fast. ? In winter,the arctic hares make tunnels 打洞under the snow. ? They can hide 藏in the tunnels and it is warm there.

Quiz :
? ? ? ? ? ? ? How many questions can you answer? How big are polar bears? What is the favorite food of polar bears? When do arctic foxes live in groups? What is the favorite food of arctic foxes? Where can the arctic hares hide in winter? What is the favorite food of snowy owls?

A story-Nicola’s holidays
N: Hi,Grandad爷爷. Hi ,Gandma奶奶. 爷爷奶奶: Welcome欢迎,Nicola. 爷爷: This is our house.这是我们家。 奶奶: Do you like it here?喜欢住这里吗? N: No,it’s boring. What can I do? 不喜欢,太无聊。我能干什么呢? 爷爷: Boring无聊?


There are no shopping malls, 这里没有商场, no playgrounds and there’s no TV. 没有操场也没有电视。

Next morning
? Wake up醒醒,Nicola.
? We’re going to the shopping mall. ? 我们要去商场。

? We need some fish. ? 我们需要一些鱼。

? N:
? ? ? ?

I ‘ve got one.我钓到了一条。

爷爷:Pull,Nicola.Pull! 拉,快拉! 回家后 Can we go fishing again tomorrow?


? No. We’are going to the playground. ? 不。我们要去操场。

? This is great fun,Grandad. ? 太好了,爷爷。 ? And tomorrow I’ll show you my TV. ? 明天我还要给你看看我的电视。 ? Here you are, Nicola. ? 给你,尼科拉。

? Do you like them? 你喜欢吗? ? Yes,Grandad.喜欢,爷爷。 ? Can I come again next year? ? 我明年还能再来吗? ? Wasn’t it boring?不是很无聊吗? ? ? Yes,very boring!是啊,很无聊!(反话)

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