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( ) 1. A: When is Halloween?

A. On October 1 B. On December 25

C.On October 31 D. On August 15

( A. with B. for C. and D. buy

( ) 3. I am on duty_____ Monday morning.

A. at B. in C.on D.of

( ) 4.There A. has B. is C. have D. are

( ) 5. Would you like____ apples?

A.an B. any C. some D. a

( ) 6. comes after January.

A. February B. March C. August D. December

( ) 7. I am not hungry ,so I don’ A. little B. lot of C. some D. any

( ) 8.He often plays a trick____ his classmates

A.in B.on C. at D.with

( ) 9. A: Hobo,what are you doing?

B: I am _____ as a monkey.

A. celebrating B.dressing up C. looking D. wearing

( ) 10. A: What do you buy?

A. moon cakes B. ducks C. sweet D. dumplings

( ) 11.A: Happy Halloween,kitty.


A. Yes, it is B. The same to you C. I am very happy D.All right

( ) 12. My father enjoys____ newspapers in the garden.

A. reading B. watching C. looking D. looking at

( ) 13. There ___ a big box and two small desks in the room.

A. are B.have C.has D.is

( ) 14. We can get ______ presents from our friends.

A. some B. any C. a D. much

( ) 15. A: Good luck with your test!

A. That’s all right B. OK C. Thank you D. Yes


It is Christmas,and there is a big and go, ‘come in !’ And

a young man opens the front and comes in . the host(主人)still goes to meet him and takes him to have a drink. The man sits 1

host.’ Oh,I almost forget! You Know,’ he says.’ know any of you.My wife ’s(客人的) car is in front of to come back!’

( ) 1 .A. room B.dog C.party D. bed

( ) 2. A .come B.comes C.play D.eat

( ) 3.A tell B.speak C.shout D.cry

( ) 4. A. window B. door C. way D. room

( ) 5. A. and B. but C. so D. because

( ) 6. A. an B. some C. many D.a

( ) 7. A. they B. she C. I D. he

( ) 8. A. don’t B. do C. am D. am not

( ) 9. A. on B.by C. in D. at

( ) 10. A .look B. look at C. see D. find



Be careful on April 1 ! When your classmates say ‘your shoe is dirty!’ , it may not be true.And if you find your alarm clock(闹钟) is set back an hour, this may be a joke,too. April Fool’s Day is a traditional festival.On that day people play harmless(无害)jokes on others and then shout,’April Fool ! ’It is a’for-fun-only’ day,so people don’t buy presents and they still go to work or school.

Each country celebrates April Fool’s Day in different ways, In France,it is ‘April Fish’. The Franch fool their friends by sticking(粘贴) paper fish to their friends’ backs. When someone finds out this joke,they shout ,’ April Fool !’ In England , it is bad luck to play an April Fool’s joke on someone in the afternoon.


( ) 1. When is April Fool’s Day?

A.It is in January. B.It is in late April.

C.It is on April 31 D.It is on the first day of April.

( ) 2. What don’t people do on April Fool’s Day?

A.Play tricks on others.

B.Buy presents.

C.Stick paper fish to others’ backs.

D.Go to school or work

( A. get presents

B.thank others

C.have fun

D.get money

( ) 4. How many countries are mentioned (提到)in this passage ?

A.Only one

B. Two.




( ) 5. Why do the French call April Fool’s day ‘ April Fish’ ?.

A.Because the French stick paper fish to others.

B. Because the French like paper fish.

C. Because the French like eating fish.

D. Because the French like going fishing.


Mr Green is having a walk in the park. He feels tired and wants to have a rest. He sees a red chair under a tree. So he walks to the chair. Suddenly, he sees another man in front of him. He is walking to the chair, too. He has a board in his hand. Mr Green wants to get to the chair first, so he begins to run. But the man sees him and begins to run, too. At last, Mr Green gets to the chair before the man. He is very happy. The man doesn’t say anything. He puts the board beside the chair. It says ‘ Wet Paint(油漆未干)!’


( ) 1. Mr Green wants to sit on the chair under the tree.

( ) 2. The man with a board in his hand wants to sit on the chair, too.

( ) 3. Mr Green doesn’t know the man.

( ) 4. The man wants to give the board to Mr Green.

( ) 5. There is paint on Mr Green’s trousers now.


A 根据汉语提示填写单词,填写正确的单词.

(一起) every Monday.

2. Her birthday is on (十月) the first.

3. Please (敲) on the door first.

钱) .

(收音机) .

B 根据句意及首写字母提示,填写正确的单词.

in China.

up as ghosts on Halloween.



C 用所给词的适当形式填空.

1. Thank you for (tell) me about Christmas.

2. June 1 is (child) Day.

3. They paint their (face) and go to play tricks.

4. Most 5. There are a few (bottle) of cola.


1. There isn’t any rice or noodles.(改为肯定句)

rice noodles.

2. We have a family get-together. (改为同义句)

our family.


3. I see some birds in the zoo. (改为一般疑问句)

you birds in the zoo?


on TV?

5. My father has lots of fun today. (改为同义句)

My father My father today.

6. I need some photos.(改为否定句)



give and Mother’ for their mothers. People first celebrated Mother’woman named Anna wants people to have a day to stay with their mothers. She wants people to their mothers and tell their mothers that they love them.


请根据下列提供的信息,写一篇70词左右的短文,谈谈你最喜欢的一个节日。 提示:1 节日的名称

2 节日的时间

3 人们如何庆祝这个节日

4 你对这个节日的感受

My favourite festival


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