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1.have________ 2.learn________ 3.tell________ 4.live________ 5.run________6.walk________

7.can _________ 8.eat________ 9.study_______ 10.write______ 11.life(复)______ 12.right(反)

13.we(宾)______14.bring______15.tell________16.real(副)________ 17.slowly(反)________


23.have(现分)______ 24.friend(形)________25.take(反)________26.leaf(复)________27.ours(单)





48.went(原)______ 49.brought(原)________50.plant(现分)________51.put_____52.read


59.work______ 60.do______


1.People usually use chopsticks ________(eat)in China.

2.My keys were ________ (find)by a little boy.i

3.Some people make fire ________ (keep)warm in winter.

4.It ________ (rain)heavily yesterday.

5.I have________ (many)cards than you.

6.My aunt __________ (water)the flowers every morning.

7.Peter __________ (not do)his homework yesterday.

8.We should be friendly to the ________ (visit)from other countries.

9.In autumn,the __________ (1eaf)turn yellow.

10.Tom could ________ (play)soccer when he was six years old.

11. Students always talk ________ their favourite stars after class.

12· They got water ________ the river nearby.

13· There are some pictures ________ the wall.

14· Peking Man made clothes ________ animal furs.

15. Having breakfast is very important ______us.


( )1. ______ you have any storybooks? A. Are B. Does C.Do D. Is

( )2. Does he enjoy ______ books? A. reading B. read C. to read D. reads

( )3. Huangshan is famous for _____ mountains. A. it’s B. its C. it D. it is

( )4. I’d like ____ on a trip to Hangzhou in the future. A.will go B.going C.to go D.go

( )5. He used stones to kill animals ____ food. A. to Bon C.for D.of

( )6. --What do you __ Beijing. --Very crowded. A.think B.think about C.think over D. Like

( )7. _____ there any juice in the glass? A. Do B. Does C,Is D. Are

( )8. --How ____ your holiday? It ______ fantastic.

A.was;were B.were;was C.was;was D.were;were

( )9.They ______ a good time at the party last night.

A.enjoyed B.have C.spend D.had

( )10.There are about ______ students in our school.

A.two thousands B.two thousand C.two thousands of D.thousand of

( )11.What’s this _____ English? A.at B.on C. in D.For

( )12.--How ____ your holiday? --It _____ fantastic.

A.was;were B.were;was C.was;was D.were;were

( )13.They _____ a good time at the party last night.

A.enjoyed B.have C.spend D.had

( )14.There are about ______ students in our school.

A.two thousands B.two thousand C.two thousands of D.thousand of

( )15.What’s this ______ English? A. at B.on C.in D.for

( )16. I have a good friend ______ Mary.A.called B.is called C call D.calling

( )17. There are about ______students in this school.

A.five thousand B.five thousands C.five thousands 0f D.thousand of

( )18. I began to learn English four years ______.A.before B.After C.ago D.1ater

( )19. He _______ his lather now. A.look like B.was like C.is like D.1ike

( )20. Who works ______ in your class? A.hard B.harder C.hardest D.hardly

( )21. Are you good at _____?

A.taking photos B.take photos C.taking photoes D.take photoes

( )22. Tim was born _______ May 16th. Mary was born ______May,too.

A.in;in B.in;on C.on;in D.0n:at

( )23. The birthday party _______ for near two hours last night.

A.1ast B.is lasting C.1asted D.1asts

( )24. Peking Man draw pictures ________ the wall.A.at B.on C.over D.behind

( )25. Trees can ______the air fresh and clean.A.hope B.help C.be D.make


1. A:___________________________________ B: My holiday was wonderful.

2.A: ___________________________________ B: I was born on January 1st, 1992.

3.A: ___________________________________ B: I’m looking for my glasses.

4.A: ___________________________________ B: There are four seasons in a year.

5.A: ___________________________________ B: I was born in Beijing.

6.It was sunny.(一般疑问句) ___________________________________

7.They watered the young trees.(一般疑问句) ___________________________________

8.They can stop the wind.(一般疑问句) ____________________________________

9.. _____________________________________

10.. _____________________________________

11.. _____________________________________

12. . _____________________________________

13. ______________________________________

14. . ______________________________________

15. ______________________________________


A Bill is an English boy.He is twelve.He 1ives(住)with his family in China.There are four people in his family.They’re his father Jack Clinton, his mother Catherine,Bill and his little sister Abby.He has a yellow dog.Its name is Barbi.His father is mending his bike.What is Bill doing?Ah,he is doing Chinese homework. He can’t speak Chinese very well,but he loves Chinese very much.Bill’S father works in a middle school.He’s an English teacher.His mother is in a TV factory.Bill and his sister are in the same sch001.

( )1.Bill’s mother is an English teacher.

( )2.Bill’s father is mending his ear.

( )3.Barbi is a cat.

( )4.Bill and his sister are in the same school.

( )5.The family is in China now.

B This is Lucy and that is Lily.Lucy looks like Lily and Lily looks like Lucy,too.They look the same.They are Americans.They are new students in Jim’s class.They are in Grade

One. They are Jim’s new friends.Now they want to go to a shop.They would like something to eat and drink.Lucy would like some bread.Lily would like a bottle of orange.Jim would like some apples.

1.Lily comes from______.

2.Lily and Lucy ______ both in Grade One.

3.Lily and Lucy look ______.

4.______ would like some bread.

C. A boy who was cleaning shoes in the street saw a young man pass by.“Let me clean your shoes.”The young man said,“No,thank you.’’ “You may pay me only a pound,sir,’’said the boy.But the young man refused again.

Then the boy told him that he would clean his shoes for nothing.The young man agreed,and soon one of his shoes was shining brightly.The man put the other shoe to the boy,but the boy refused to clean it unless he was paid two pounds for his work.The young man refused to pay anything and went away.

But the dirty one looked SO bad that he couldn’t walk away.He had to turn back and gave the boy two pounds.In a very short time his shoes shone brightly.

1.Did the man want the boy to clean his shoes at first? ________________________________

2.Why did the man“agree”? ________________________________

3.Did the boy clean the man’s other shoe for nothing? _________________________________

4.Why did the man have to turn back? _________________________________

5.How much did the man pay the boy at last? _________________________________

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