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( )1.A.rice B.milk C.China D.nice

( )2.A.book B.1ook C.cook D.food

( )3.A.have B.cake C.table D.make

( )4.A.student B. study C.computer D.music

( )5.A.who B.what C.where D.When



6.here(同音)________7.wonderful(近义)________ 8.enjoy(过)________9.holiday(复)_________

10.am(过) ______ 11.are(过)_______12.call(过)________13.were not(缩)_________14bought(动)

15.a 1ot of(同义)_______16.saw(动)______17.Chinese(名)___________18.write(过)________




1. I enjoyed ________ (I)at the party.

2. The TV programmes ________ (be)very interesting yesterday.

3. Are you interested in __________ (play)soccer?

4. I ________ (see)a girl read books just now.

5. How about going __________ (swim)this Sunday7

6. Do you know the date of my _________ (born)?

7. I will ________ (visit)Beijing next week.

8. Everyone __________ (have)a dream in the life.

9. The children visited __________ (they)teachers during the summer holidays.

10. Tom usually ________ (read)English in the morning.


( )1.School ______. A.begin B.begins C.to begin

( )2._______ was their holiday7 A.How B.how C.What

( )3.I went to Hainan _______ my parents. A.and B.for C.with

( )4.I will go there ______ summer.A.in B.on C.by

( )5.He spent the Spring Festival _______ Shanghai.A.on B.in C.For

( )6.一____do you usually fly kites?一In the park.A.When B.Where C.What D.Why

( )7. Were you at school yesterday?

A.Yes,I did.B.Yes,1 were.C.Yes,1 was.D.Yes,I am.

( )8.My teacher gave me ____books as gifts.A.a lot of B.1ot of C.a lot D.a lots of

( )9. I went ______ there last night. A.to B./ C.in D.Back

( )10.Mr Green _______ to Hainan last summer.A.goes B.Went C.visited D.come

( )11._____you have a good time yesterday? A.Do B.Were C.Did D.Are

( )12. I enjoy _______ music very much.A.1isten to B.1istening C.hear D.1istening to

( )13. He plays computer games _____.A.on Sundays B.yesterday C.tomorrow D.1ast night

( )14. I am going to see a movie ______ this evening.A.in B.On C./ D.At

( )15.Where ________ you last Sunday? A.were B.are C.is

( )16.1 was _______ the classroom. A.at B.in C.on

( )17. There were new shoes _______ the shop. A.at B.on C.of

( )18.Where were you _______ that time? A.at B.in C.of

( )19..How _____ you,Kate? A.about B.with C. for


1.(对画线部分提问) ______________________________________

2..(对画线部分提问) ______________________________________

3.Did they enjoy themselves?(变为陈述句) _____________________________________

4.We saw many banana trees.(一般疑问句)___________________________________

5.I called you yesterday.(一般疑问句) ____________________________________

6.1 was at the bookshop.(否定句) _____________________________________

7.Were you interested in them?(陈述句) _____________________________________

8.1 went to see a movie yesterday.(否定句) _____________________________________

9. 对画线部分提问) _____________________________________

10.I spent the Spring Festival in Beijing.(一?) ______ you ______ the Spring Festival in Beijing? 11.1 was at the cinema then.(一?) ________ _________ at the cinema then?

12.I usually go to bed at nine in the evening.(用 last night改写)

I ________ to bed at nine ________ ________.

13. ______ _______ ______ weekend? 14.1 was at school.(对画线部分提问) ________ were you?

15. I was at the cinema.(对画线部分提问)

16. David visited our school yesterday.(一般疑问句)

17. 1 was at the science museum.(一般疑问句)

18. Were you at the bookshop last Sunday?(作否定回答)


20. Were you born in Hangzhou?(变为陈述句)




A. It is Saturday.The Browns are at horne.Mrs Brown is in the kitchen.She?s making apple pies.The pies she makes are very delicious.Do you want to have a taste?Mr Brown isn?t in the living room.He is outside.He is washing his car.The car is new and very beautiful.So he looks after it very well.Jim is in the garden.He is playing football with some other boys.Where is his sister,Sue?She?s in her bedroom with her friend,Ann.They are watching the Animal World.

1. There are ________ people in Mr Brown?S family.

2. Mrs Brown is in the ________ .

3. Mr Brown looks after his ________ very well.

4.________ is playing outside.

B. Jim and Kate are going hiking with their class tomorrow.They want to take some fruit with them.Jill likes oranges and Kate likes apples.When they get to the market,they can?t find any oranges.and the apples are too green· ??what are we going to buy now?”asks Kate. ?Hey,what?s that big round fruit over there?” asks Jill.“I don?t know.Let?s ask the salesgirl.…?What do you call this?” “Youzi,”answers the girl.“Why don?t we buy one?”asks Jill· ??OK.We're going to have lots of fun hiking and eating a new kind of fruit!”says Kate·

( )1.Kate is going hiking this afternoon.

( )2.Jill likes apples and Kate likes oranges.

( )3.Youzi is a big round fruit.

C There are four people in the twins?family.They are the twins,their father and theirmother. The twins?names are Lucy and Lily.They are fourteen.They are in the same class in the No.1 Middle Sch001.They are very good students.They not only work very hard but also sing very well.They want to join the music club.Lucy wants to play the piano.Lily can play the guitar.

Their father,Mr King,is a teacher.He teaches English in a school near his home.Their mother,Mrs King,is a teacher,too.She teaches Chinese.Mr and Mrs King are in different schools.But they have the same hobby--play the guitar.

( )1.Mr King is a good——.A.driver B.Worker C.teacher D.farmer

( )2.Lily can——. A.play the piano B.draw horses C.play the guitar D.play chess

( )3.Mrs King is a——.A.maths teacher B.Chinese teacher C.English teacher D.Doctor

D. My name is Sally White.I am a school girl.My school is far from my home.Every day it takes me a long time to get there.The road is not flat.So I cannot go to school by bike.I often go there by bus.It takes me thirty minutes to get there by bus.I must get up early every

morning.I have no time for breakfast at home.I often eat something for breakfast on the way.I don?t want to be late for school.

( )1.The girl can go to school by bike.

( )2.It takes her thirty minutes to get to school by bike.

( )3. The gets up very early every day.

( )4. She often has breakfast at home.

E Jack and Sally are brother and sister.They are twins.They like to swim and ride bike.They like to fly kites,too.They often(经常)run with the kites near the river.The kites are very high.They look very happy(高兴).

But not all of their favourite games are the same.Jack likes to play football and Sally likes to play basketball.Jack likes to j ump high.He thinks it?S easy.But Sally thinks it?S very hard.Sally likes to make something,but Jack can?t.Sally can sing well and Jack can throw the yo—yo very well.

( )1.Jack and Sally are brothers.

( )2.They like flying kites.

( )3.Jack likes playing basketball.

( )4.Sally thinks high jump is easy.

( )5. Sally can?t make anything.


Mrs Smith had a good _1_ last month.She took the _2_ to the beach.She has three daughters and two sons.John,the oldest __3__fifteen years old and little Sam,the baby,is only ___4___.That was the _5_ time for the children to go to the seaside.They were very __6__.John _7_ his mother to look after _8_ children.It was a fine day.They got up very—9一and arrived at seaside town at noon.When they saw the sea,they were excited.The children__10__ to go down to the beach at once.

( )1.A.1esson B.Test C.holiday

( )2.A.Students B.Children C.friends

( )3.A.is B.are C.was

( )4.A.two B.twelfth C.twenty

( )5.A.best B.1ast C.first

( )6.A.boring B.happy C.tired

( )7.A.help B.helps C.helped

( )8.A.other B.the other C.others

( )9.A.early B.1ater C.1ate

( )10. A. Wanted B. Would C. like


1.这个球是什么颜色的? ________ ________ is the ball?

2.欢迎来到我们学校。 __________ our school.

3.莉莉出生在美国。 Lily ________ ________ in America.

4.你经常在周末干什么? What _________ you usually do _______ _________ weekend?


A:1.________ was your holiday,Tom?

B:It was wonderful.

A:2.________ did you go?

B.1 went to Hainan with my parents.

A:Did you 3.________ ________ ________ ________?

B:Yes.I saw many banana trees.4.______ ______ you?

A:Oh,I just stayed at home.

B;Do you ________ ________ go there.too?

A: Of course. I will go to Hainan next year.

There are forty—two students in our class.There are also two American boys.They are Jack and Mike.They are our good friends.They like watching TV,but they don?t like playing basketball.They often go to school by bike.And I often go to school on foot.There is one English girl in our class.Her name is Lucy.She likes playing basketball and she also likes swimming. She usually does her homework in the evening.She often watches TV on Saturday afternoons. She is my good friend.All of the Chinese students are Yong Pioneers.

( )1.There are thirty—nine Chinese students in our class.

( )2.There are two American girls and one English boy in our class.

( )3.Jack and Mike are our good friends.

( )4.Jack and Mike like playing basketball.

( )5.Lucy often does her homework on Saturday afternoons.

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