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新标准小学英语第一学期英语期末试题 听力部分


( )1、A、 B、

( )2、A、 B、 ( )3、A、 B、 ( )4、A、 B、


( )1、A、How old are you? B、How are you? ( )2、A、What’s that? B、What’s this? 新课 标 第一网 ( )3、A、This is a cat. B、This is a kite.

( )4、A、This is my grandpa. B、This is my grandma. ( )5、A、Point to his head. B、Point to his hand.


( )1、A、I ’m nine . B、I’m fine, thank you. ( )2、A、It’s in the bag. B、Yes, it is.

( )3、A、Good morning. B、Good afternoon. ( )4、A、It’s red. B、It’s a red pen. ( )5、A、My name is Sam. B、Hello, Sam!

四、听录音,判断句子与所听内容是(T)否(F)相符。 ( )1、------How are you? -----I’m fine, thank you. ( )2、Here is your pen.

( )3、Happy birthday.

( )4、Here is your present.



(A) 读单词,选出正确的图片。

( ) 1、book A、 B、

( ) 2、cat A、 B、新 课 标 第 一 网

( ) 3 、chair A、 B、

( ) 5、panda A、

(B)根据图片,选择正确的句子。 B、

( ) 6、 A、My mother is a teacher.

B、My mother is a farmer.

( )

( ) 7、 A、Here is your kite.

B、Here is your cake.

( ) 8、 A、Point to the blackboard.

B、Point to the door. w W w.xK b 1. c om

( )9、 A、It’s a dog.

B、It’s a bed.


( ) 1、------Here is your present.

.A、Thank you. B、I am nine. C、It’s a book. ( ) 2、------How old are you?

. A、I’m ten. B、I am fine. C、Thank you. ( )3、------What is this?

. A、It’s a book. B、Nine. C、I’m Sam. ( ) 4、------How many girls?

A、Three B、It C、Red

( ) 5、 brother is a driver. A、He B、She C、His

( ) 6、------ they bears?

------Yes. A、Am B、Is C、Are ( ) 7、This cat is black white. A、am B、or C、and ( )8、------What’s this?

------It’s orange dog. A、an B、a C、the


( ) 1、Is he a teacher? A、Yes, it is .

( ) 2、Is this your mother? B、No, she isn’t.

( ) 3、Is it a black dog? C、Yes , I am.

( ) 4、Are you ten? D、Yes, he is.

( ) 5、What’s this? E、It’s a yellow book.



This is my family tree. My grandpa my grandma my father my mother and I . My grandpa is a doctor. He is 62. My grandma is 60. She is a teacher. My mother is 38. She is a nurse . My father is 40. He is a policeman. My name Daming, I’m eleven. I’m a pupil. I love my family.

( ) 6、How old is grandpa? 新 课 标 第 一 网

A、 38 B、 62 C、40

( ) 7、How old is mother?

A、 38 B、 60 C、40

( ) 8、Is father a doctor?

A、 Yes, he is. B、No, he isn’t. C、He is a teacher.

( ) 9、How many people are there in the family?

A、Six B、Seven C、Five

( ) 10、What am I ?

A、pupil B、policeman C、farmer

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