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一 听力 14’


1、谈论 2、三月五号

3、禁止乱扔 4、春节

5、拔胡萝卜 6、上周

7、look for my glasses 8、eat rice dumplings

9、keep off the grass 10、blow out


1.handkerchief (复数 2、they (名词性物主代词)

3、nine (序数词 4、fly (过去式)

5、swim (现在分词 6、right (反义词

7、can’t (完全形式 8、second (基数词

四、用所给词的适当形式填空 8’

2. What _____ you ______ for breakfast? I ____ some bread. (eat)

3. There are ______ months in a year. _________ is December. (twelve)

4. Mike likes ______ very much. He is a good ______. (cook)

5. Would you please______ the words? Yes. I like ______. (read)

6. Tom jumps ________ than Mike. (far)

7. Here’s a photo of ______(me) family. Can I have _______(you)?

8.Look, the game is very ______. We are all ______.(excite)

五、选择填空(10分) .

( )1、The policeman a purse on the grass.

A. points B. point to C. point D. points to

( )2、There

A. is B.are C. was D. were

( )3、It’s time for home . Let’s

A. me to go ; to go B. we to go ; to go

C. I to go ;go D. us to go ; go

( )4、When did you home yesterday ?

A. come B. came C. come to D . came to

( )5、May I use pen? I can’t find

A. you ; my B. your ; I C. your ; my D. your ; mine

( )6、How many pears can he see? Sorry , he see

A. can't some B. can ; some C. can't any D. can ; any

( )7、? It's Sunday .

A. What is it B. What are they C. What day is it today ? D. What's day today

( )8、He’s on duty

A. in B. on C. at D. on next

( )9、day is the first day of a week .

A. Sunday B. Monday C. Saturday D. Friday

A. in ; in B. on ; on C. on ; in D. in ; on

六、句型转换 10’

1. I did shopping last week. (否定句)

I ______ ________ shopping last week.

2. Mike put the pictures on the wall. (一般疑问句)

_____ Mike ______ the pictures on the wall?

3. Tom is 8 years old. Mike is 10 years old. (合为一句)

Tom is ______ ______ ________ _______Mike. 对划线部分提问

_______ _______ ______ in America? 对划线部分提问

_____ ______ your brother ______ just now? 对划线部分提问

______ ______ is very nice?

7. That is my calculator. 同义句

That ________ is _______.

8. We went to school by bus. 同义句

We ______ a bus _____ school.

七、完型填空 10’ ( )10、There is a bird the tree and there are many apples the tree, too

It is Sunday morning. Jack and his father __1__in a big bus. There are __2__ people in it. Some of __3__ come from America and some __4__ England or Canada. They are all friends. They are going to the Summer Palace(颐和园).There are two __5__ in the bus. One is a man. He is a driver. Now he __6__ the bus. The other is a young girl. She __7__ English well. She is now talking __8__ the Summer Palace. The other people are all listening __9__ her. They like the Summer Palace. They want __10__ it very much.

( ) 1. A. am B. is C. are D. be

( ) 2. A. many B. much C. a lot D. a little

( ) 3. A. they B. them C. their D. theirs

( ) 4. A. be come from B. is from C. are from D. comes from

( ) 5. A. China B. chinese C. Chinese D. English

( ) 6. A. drive B. drives C. is driving D. can drive

( ) 7. A. talk B. talks C. speak D. speaks

( ) 8. A. about B. with C. to D. for

( ) 9. A. with B. to C. for D. of

( ) 10. A. see B. seeing C. to see D. to look

八、阅读理解 10’


Mr Smith lives in a village, but he works in a big city(城市). He goes to work by train every morning and comes home in the same way.

This morning, when he was reading his newspaper on the train, a man behind him said “Hello” to him and began to talk to him. “Your life is not interesting, isn’t it? You take the same train every morning, and you always sit in the same seat and read the same newspaper.” “How do you know all that about me?” Mr Smith said angrily(生气地).

“Because I always sit in the same seat behind you,” the man answered.

( ) 1. Mr Smith works ______.

A. in a village B. in a city

C. in a town D. in the country

( ) 2. He comes back home from work _____.

A. by ship B. by bus C. on foot D. by train

( ) 3. When he is on the train, Mr Smith often ______.

A. reads books B. reads a newspaper

C. talks to others D. listens to others

( ) 4. Mr Smith _________.

A. likes the man very much

B. likes reading books

C. doesn’t like the man.

D. has much money

( ) 5. The man knows Mr Smith because ________.

A. he is Mr Smith’s good friend

B. they work in the same factory

C. he sits behind Mr Smith on the same train every day

D. they live in the same village


Mrs Brown had a small garden behind her house, and in the spring she planted some vegetables in it. She looked after them very carefully, and when the summer came, they looked very nice.

One evening, Mrs Brown looked at her vegetables and said, “Tomorrow I am going to pick them, and we can eat them.” But early the next morning, her son ran into the kitchen and shouted, “Mother, Mother! Come quickly! Our neighbour's (邻居的) ducks are in the garden, and they are eating our vegetables!”

Mrs Brown ran out, but it was too late. All the vegetables were finished! Mrs Brown cried, and her neighbour was very sorry, but that was the end of the vegetables. Then, a few days before Christmas, the neighbour brought Mrs Brown a parcel (包裹). In it was a beautiful, fat duck, and on it was a piece of paper with the words, “ENJOY YOUR VEGETABLES!”

( )1. There was a _______ a behind her house.

A. small hill B. small lake C. small house D. small garden

( )2. In _____, she planted some vegetables in the garden.

A. the spring B. the summer C. the autumn D. the winter

( )3. Early the next _____, her son ran into the kitchen and shouted.

A. morning B. afternoon C. evening D. night

( )4. One morning, _____ were eating vegetables in the garden.

A. sheep B. ducks C. pigs D. chickens

( )5. A few days before Christmas, the neighbours gave Mrs Brown a parcel with _____.

A. a fat duck inside(在……里面) and a piece of paper on it

B. some vegetables

C. a fat duck and some vegetables

D. only a piece of paper



___ to school by bike. So he needn’t take a __. He gets ___ at 4:30 p.m.. __ homework first and then watches TVHe is a good boy.

九、写短文 以“My Birthday/ Holiday/ Presents…”为题写一段话,不少于5句。(10分) ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

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