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Lesson 25.Spring Festival.

Step 1.Read the text . Step 2.Translate the text . Step 3.Get the students to remember the sentences in the text. Step4.Have a dictation. Step5.Exercises: 1 We had fun at Christmas .(变一般疑问句) 2 We have a special holiday in China.(变一般疑问 句)

Step5 动词填空: 1 Did you __(玩得愉快)at Christmas? 2 We ___ (看望) our families. 3 We____ (打扫) the house. 4 We____ (包) dumplings. 5 We____(工作) together. 6 I can___(教给) you what to do. 7 The Spring Festival is ___(来)

Step6 写出下列单词的英语
因为 最喜欢的 通常 有趣的 特殊的

Step7 选择合适的词补全对话。 skating but comes skiing play clothes snows sometimes longer football. Autumn 1 in August or september.The

days get shorter 2 the nights get 3. It’s cool but usually sunny.Sometimes we 4 basketball or 5 in the open air.Winter starts in December.The days are short and The nights are long .It’s cold and windy 6 it7 and the ground is all White .It’s very beautiful.We are in warm 8. We often go 9 and 10.

Homework:Remember the text by heart.


Thank you!

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