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1.问你问题_______________ 2. from start to end ______________

3.回答你的问题____________ 4. a knife and fork ____________

5.给某人写信_________ 6. ask for___________

7.在2月____________ 8. write to sb ________

9.对...有困难____________ 10. in New York___________


1. You should be _____ (help) .

2. Don’t ____ (jump) on the bed.

3. Let ___ (I) taste a pear.

4. We are ________(listen) music.

5. Yesterday the rain ______(stop).

6. Thanks for ______ (you) help.

7. Let’s _____(go) home.

8. Say for _____(thing) that you need.

9. I thought it ____(is) a joke.

10. It will____(is) a great present.


1. we, we, things, you, say, have, all, for, thank, good, the,

2. says, are, it, snakes, deaf

3. what, do, is, you, that

4. one, is, the, China, first, in, UN, the, of, countries

5. walk, it, of, we, can, all, not

6. of, is, picture, Hainan, it, a, island

7. David, of, father’s, is, a, my, friend

8. is, I, say, can, something, there

9. am, for, I, him, visiting, summer, the

10. you, she, tell, can, about, China


1. It is _____(在) the 25 th of December.

2. They ________(去) a park yesterday morning.

3. It tasted _______(好)

4. Please_______(喝) clean water only.

5. I like ______(吃) Chinese food.


1. Amy ____ in England and Tom.

A. am B. are C. is

2. There _____ a writing desk, a computer and piles of books in the room.

A. were B. are C. is

3. They ____ like me.

A. is B. look C. was

4. He _____ like me.

A. is B. look C. are

5. He _____ me.

A. is B. look C. likes

6. What ____ the weather like?

A. was B. does C. did

7. Don’t _____ worry.

A. be B. / C. is

8. Don’t ____ with the CDs.

A. to play B. plays C. play

9. You should _____ kind.

A. is B. are C. be

10. That will _____ helpful.

A. is B. are C. be

11. Each of his children ____ to a diffeent school.

A. go B. goes C. are going

12. Here _____ something for you.

A. is B. are C. be

13. ______ there anything in that box?.

A. is B. are C. be

14. The snake _____ the flute is another snake.

A. think B. thinks C. thought

15. The elephant _____ a long nose.

A. has B. have C. had

16. Pandas _____ bamboo.

A. love B. loves C. loved

17. 1. I’ve got two letter ____ English.

A. in B. from C. for

17.2. One is from England ___ is from America.

A. the other B. another C. the one

19. He is going to ask ___questions!

A. you B. your C. yours

20. What does Tom do?

A. Tom goes to school. B. Tom is a boy. C. Tom is a teacher.

六. 按要求回答: (10分) 改为一般疑问句,特殊疑问句) (对划线提问)

3. That is a watch. (改为复数句)

4. I’ve got 对划线提问) (对划线提问)


British Sir Hugh worked at the Guinness Brewery(吉尼斯啤酒公司).

He was interested in records. One day in 1951, he asked :”What is Europe’s fastest game bird?” No one had the exact answer. He decided (决定) to make a book of records. In 1955, the book came out. He named it after his company. Now it’s the authority (权威) for world records. Every year there will be a new edition (版本) out. The tallest dog Zeus is the tallest dog. He lives in the US. He is 1.12 meter tall, as tall as a normal 6-year-old child.

Most slam dunks by a parrot(扣篮最多的鹦鹉) Zac is a parrot in the US. He is good at basketball. He holds the record for the most slam dunks by a parrot. He made 22 dunks in one minute. He can also ride a bike. What a parrot.

Fastest to enter a suitcase(最快装进箱子) Who likes to enter a case? Leslie Tipton does. She is from the US. She entered a zipped suitcase in just 5.43 seconds in 2009. It’s the world’s fastest time.

Smallest dictionary(最少的英语词典) This is the smallest English dictionary.

It’s only 2.5cm long and 1.9cm wide. But the book’s 384 pages have 13000 words. It even comes with a lens(放大镜). It came out in the UK in 1890.

Fastest balloon bowing(一分钟吹气球最多的人) John Cassidy is from the US. In 2005, he blew up 13 balloons in one minute. It’s a world record.

There are seven Guinness certification officers(认证官) in the world. Wu Xiaohong is the only Chinese officer. The others are from the UK. She is also the only female. Her job is to find out about and announce(宣布) the records in China. Isn’t her job interesting?

( ) When did the first book of Guinness World Records come out?

A. 1951 B. 1955 C. 1995

( ) How many certification officers are from the UK?

A. 1 B. 7 C. 6

( ) How tall is Zeus?

A. 2.6meters B. 1.12meters C. 3.5meters

( ) How many balloons did he blow up in one minute?

A. 14 B. 15 C. 13

( ) Why did he name the book of Guinness World Recoder?

A. his name B. his company C. his city

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