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(总分100分,考试时间60分钟) 得分

听力部分 (30分)

一、Listen and choose(选出你所听到的单词)(10分)

( )1.A./ m?g?’z i:n/ B./,h?l ?u’ i:n/ C./l ?:n/

( ) 2、A. tent B. together C. toilet

( ) 3、A. house B. mouse C. horse

( ) 4、A. towel B. flower C. tomorrow

( ) 5、A. work B. wall C. watch

( ) 6、A. sweet B. sweep C. street

( ) 7、A. blanket B. building C. blackboard

( ) 8、A. homework B. housework C. Halloween

( ) 9、A. plate B. paper C. picture

( ) 10、A.telephone B.telescope C. elephant

二、Listen and number (听并标数字序号) (8分)

( ) ( ) ( ) ( )

( ) ( ) ( ) ( )

三、Listen and choose(听问句选答句) (6分)

( )1. A. I have some flowers. B. We need some flowers.

C. They need some flowers.

( )2.A.I’d like some magazines. B.Yes, they’re magazines.

C. There are some magazines.

( )3. A.I’d like a dog. B.I like horses. C.No.I like ducks. ( )4. A. I’m playing basketball. B. He’s playing basketball.

C. He likes playing basketball.

( )5. A.Yes,he is. B. No,he can’t. C. Yes,she can.

( )6. A. He has a toy bear. B.I have a lantern. C. They have a lantern.

四、Listen and write(填入所缺单词,每空一词)(6分)

A: can you see the desk? B:I can see some planes.

A: Whose are they? B: I think Jim’s.

A: Oh,let

s go and give to . B: OK.

- 1 -


一、 根据音标写单词(2分)

1. / f?t/ 2./ la:d? /

二、选出画线部分不同的发音(8分) ( ) 1. A. fridge B. milk C. fish D. child ( ) 2. A. lesson B. chess C. telescope D. else ( ) 3. A. these B. swing C. sweep D. sleep ( ) 4. A. can B. after C. dance D. mask ( ) 5. A. vase B. happy C. rabbit D. black ( ) 6. A. tiger B. kite C. kitchen D. find ( ) 7. A. grape B. plate C. lamp D. skate ( ) 8. A. food B. look C. cook D. good


1、come(-ing) 2、one(序数词)

3、we(宾格) 4、have(第三人称单数)

5、there(同音词) 6、do not (缩写)

7、child(复数) 8、I’ll(完全式)


1上一堂英语课 2骑自行车 3一张世界地图 4互相 5拿溜溜球玩 6.listen to the teacher 7.at a camping site 8.run after

9.help her with her Maths 10.look for


1.My parents (not work)on Sundays and Saturdays.

2. Look! The dog (run) after the mouse.

3. His sister _________(have) a red skirt. 4. Can you _______ (put) the apple on your head?

5. I’d like ____ ____ (draw) a picture.

6. Are there _______ (some) pictures on the wall? 7. What Su Hai and Su Yang (have)?

8. My sister likes __ __ (listen) to music.

9. __________ is the first day of a week.


( ) 1. She’s _______ a picture in the study.

A. writing B. drawing C. looking

( ) 2. Tom ___ a toy car. Tom’s parents ____ two cars.

A. have; has B. have; have C. has; have

( ) 3. Please show ______ how to make the kite.

A. we B. us C. our

( ) 4. Wang Bing is looking ________ his book.

A. at B. for C. to

- 2 -

( ) 5. —What ______ she have? —She has a violin.

A. do B. does C. has

( ) 6.—______ are they singing? —They’re singing in the music room.

A. What B. Where C. Who

( )7.---How many ____can you see?---I can’t see____

A. birds ; some B. birds; any C. bird; many

( ) 8、The dog can’t on the bed.

A. play B: is playing. C. playing.

( ) 9、I’ll go and join .

A. they B. them C. their

( )10、---Hello , is that Wang Bing ?---________

A.Yes , this is Wang Bing. B.Yes , I am . C No, I’m not .


1. rooms, how, your, many, are, there, house, new, in (?)

2. boy, draw, can, a, the, monkey (?)

3. happy, they, to, see, other, each, are (.)

4. are, parents, my, to, the, jogging, supermarket (.)

5. are, your, office, cleaning, teachers, their (?)

6. I , and, a ,have, you, blanket, towel, and, a (.)

八、Read and complete the sentences(情景对话)(10分)

A. 请选择正确的答案并将标号填在题前的括号内(1分×5)

( )1. What’s is the box? A.Yes.Let’s join her. ( )2. What can you do? B. Thank you.

( )3. Here’s a mask for you. C. There’s a pot. ( )4. What are you doing? D. I’m skiing.

( )5. Is Nancy cleaning the library? E. I can swim and skate.

B. 将下列句子编成完整的对话, 把序号写在方框内。(1分×5)

A. You can use a tin-opener.

B. Do you have one? C. Thank you. D. Yes. Here you are

E. I have a tin of fish, but I can’t open it.


A Today is Su Hai and Su Yang’s birthday (生日).All the friends are at their home.They are having a birthday party together.

- 3 -

All: Happy birthday to you, Su Hai and Su Yang.These presents (礼物) are for you.

Su Hai and Su Yang: Thank you very much.

Su Hai: Which box is for me? This one or that one?

Mike: The red one.

Su Hai:What is in it? Let me open it and see. Oh, a music box!How nice! I like it very much. I’ll put it on my desk.

Su Yang: So, the green box is for me. Let me have a look.

Yang Ling: It is fat and lovely. It has two black eyes and two black ears. It looks like(看起来像) a bear. We all like it very much. What is it? Su Yang: I know! It’s a toy panda!

Yang Ling: You’re right. Hope (希望) you will like it.

Su Yang: Sure, I will.

Su Hai: It’s time to have the cake.

Nancy: All right. Let’s sing the song “Happy Birthday ” together now. All: Good idea. Happy birthday to you.


( ) 1. The children are ________.

A. in the classroom B. in the park C. at Su Hai’s home

( ) 2. Which box is for Su Yang?

A. The red one. B. The green one. C. The blue one.

( ) 3. Where will Su Hai put her present?

A. In the desk. B. On the desk. C. Beside the desk.

( ) 4. What is Su Hai’s present?

A. A music box. B. A toy panda. C. A toy bear.

( ) 5. Su Hai and Su Yang ________.

A. want some presents B. like their presents

C. give some presents

B A bird is looking for the water. He is very thirsty. He finds a bottle. There is some water in it. But the bottle is very long. The bird can’t have the water. He thinks and thinks, and then he has a good idea. He puts some pebbles(石子) in the bottle, the water rises up (上升). Now he can have the water.


( ) 1. The bird is very thirsty.

( ) 2. He is looking for bread.

( ) 3. He finds a bottle

( ) 4. There is some juice in it.

( ) 5. He puts some pebbles in it.

- 4 -

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