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PEP三年级上册Unit5 Let's eat教案

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Teaching Plan

一.Background information:

Students:40 Primary school students, Grade 3

Lesson duration:45 mins

二.Teaching objectives:

By the end of the lesson, students should be able to :

1. read and spell the new words“cake,hunburger,hot dog,chicken,French fries,bread.”

2.read and do “Let’s do.”

3.love life and develop the cooperation and independence.

三.Teaching contents

1.New words: “cake,hunburger,hot dog,chicken,French fries,bread.”

2.sentences:“What do you like? I like ?”

四.Teaching key points and difficulties:

1.Teaching key points.

⑴To learn the key words and expressions: cake,hunburger,hot dog,chicken,French fries,bread

⑵To learn “Let’s do” and let students practice 2.Teaching difficult points

⑴To enable Ss to grasp the six food and apply them to daily life

(2) To improve Ss’ abilities of listening, speaking and reading.

五.Teaching Methods: Task-based Teaching, Situational Teaching Approach, TPR

六.Teaching aids: Multi-media, blackboard, chalk, PPT,cards with pictures and


七.Teaching procedures:

Step 1. Warm-up (10 mins)

(1) Greeting:( reiew and cultivate the Ss’s interest of learning English. )

T: Good moring,boys and girls. How are you today?

Ss: Good moring,Miss Yu. I’m fine.

(2)sing a song:

T: Do you want to sing a happy song today?


T:(play the song “Clap your hands”)Now,follow me please.

( sing in unison and perform.)

(2) do actions:

T:Well,I guess you must be happy now.Let’s move up and do some interesting

actions to get a little bit happier,do you wonna it?


Hand,hand,hand,clap your hands .

Finger,finger,finger,snap your fingers .

Arm, arm,arm,wave your arms .

Leg,leg,leg,cross your legs.

Body ,body ,body,shake your,body .

Foot,foot,foot,stamp your foot.

Step 2. Presentation and practice ( 6 words and 2 sentences , 20 mins)

1.Teach the new words.

Lead in:

(1) T: Very good! Look,Mom is making some delicious foods in the kitchen,let’s

come and see!Are you ready?

Ss: Yes

T: Ok let’s go.(show the card of foods.)

Wow,so many foods.

a.T:Look,It’s bread.I like bread . (show the card of bread and practice the word‘bread’one by one.)

T: Look at the bread. I like bread.

Bread ,bread,I like bread.

Bread ,bread ,cut bread.( put the card on the blackboard)

b.T:I like bread. Guess. What else do I like?


T:Do you know?


T:I like chicken.( show the card of chicken).

Chicken, chicken, I like chicken.

Chicken chicken,smell the chicken. ( put the card on the blackboard) c.T:Now,look at the screen. Let’s guess what it is?


T:Can you catch it?


T: Hamburger, hamburger, I like hamburgers.

Hamburger, hamburger, show me the hamburger.

d.T: Well, boys and girls look at me please.

What’s this ?

S1:It’s bread.

T: No,it’s not bread.

S2:It’s a hot dog.

T: Good,you are right. It’s a hot dog. (Put up the card of hot dog on the blackboard.)

Now read after me please. (Read “hot dog” for 3 times.)

hot dog, hot dog, I like hot dogs.

hot dog, hot dog, eat the hot dog.

e.T: Look , It’s a cake.(show the car of a cake)

Do you like cakes?

Ss:Yes,we like cakes.

T: Cake,cake, I like cakes.

Cake,cake,make the cake.

f.T:Guess,what’s this?

Ss:It’s French fries.

T:Yes,you are right. It’s French fries

French fries, French fries, I like French fries.

French fries, French fries ,pass me the French fries


(1)Let’s do.

T:Have you catch all of the new words?

Ss:Just some of them.

T:Well,let’try to remember them better.Now follow me please.

(point at the cards on the blackboard and do actions with the Ss)

Show me the hamburger.

Pass me the French fries.

Cut the bread.

Eat the hot dog.

Smell the chicken.

Make the cake.

(2).Let’s chant.(T point at the word cards and chant with the Ss)

T:Very good.Now let’s make a view of these new words.

Bread, bread, I like bread. What do you like?

Chicken, chicken, I like chicken. What do you like?

Hamburger, hamburger, I like hamburgers.

Cake, cake, I like cakes. What do you like?

Hot dog, hot dog, I like hot dogs. What do you like?

French fries, French fries, I like French fries .What do you like?

Step 3. Practice and Consolidatin (Make a survey and fill in the blank according

to the anwers of the Ss’, 15 mins)

T:Good,please clap for yourself!(clap hands)

Have you find some new sentences in the chant that we do just now?


T:What are they?(Ss raise their hands,the T ask the Ss to make an answer one by one) S1.

S1:What do you like?

T:What-do-you-like-?(Repeat and write down the sentences on the blackboard.) T: S2.(ask S1 to sit down and ask S2 to answer at the same time.)

S2:I like bread.

T:I-like-bread.(Repeat and write down the sentences on the blackboard.) T: S3.(ask S2 to sit down and ask S3 to answer at the same time.)

S2:I like chicken. (Repeat and write down ‘chicken’below the ‘bread’ on the blackboard.)




(continue to learn the sentences “I like hamburgers/cake/hot doog/French fries”in that way.)

T:Good.Now read after me.(read the sentences.)


T:Very good.And now,please turn to page 52 and look at Let’s do.

Well.S1,stand up please.

T: Hello!S1. I like ? and ? .

What do you like?

S1: I like ? and ?

T: And you?(ask S2)

S2:I like?

T:Good,sit down please.

T:Now,I want you to make a group of four to make a research among your classmates and find out what do they like to fill in the blank on the book.

Let’s make it!




T:Ok,time is up.Have you finish it?


T:Well.S1、S2,stand up please.Please make a dialoge and tell us what food do you like.

S1,S2:? ?

T:Good!sit down please.

T:S3、S4,you two is a group.

S3、S4:? ?

T:well done!sit down please.


T: OK,My lovely children. Today we have learn six new words of food,and two new sentences as well. Please try to remember them well after class.And here is today’s homework:

(1)Write down the new words 5 times for each.

(2)Make a list of food that you famiy like.

九.Reflection: (to be written immediately after the lesson)

Blackboard Writing

Unit Five Let’s eat

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