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Unit 5 What does she do? Part B Let’s read

Xincheng Primary School

What do they do? accountant


Guessing game: Guess: What does he/she do? (1) This person designs(设计) things. (2) This person works in a police(警察局). She helps(帮助) tourists find their way.(安全). (3) This person works in a bank, she helps the bank use使用 their money well.

Fill in the blank
singer 1.If you like music, you can be a_______.
2.If you like drawing, you can be artist an_______.

writer 3.If you like Chinese, you can be a _______.
4.If you like playing football, you can be football player a_____________. 5. If you enjoy math, you can be an ________. accountant

Tick or cross
(× ) 1.Wang Li works in a TV factory. (× ) 2. Wang Li goes to work by bus. (√ ) 3. Li Xiaobin works in a bank.

( × ) 4. He goes to work by bike.
( × ) 5. Yuan Yuan is an accountant.

( √ ) 6. She likes English. She goes to work by motor bike.

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