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英 语

听 力 部 分

Listen and choose.


Listen and circle.


young and active B. strict and tall C.smart and active .over the bed B.near the closet C.over the end table .cabbage and fish B.potatoes and pork C.mutton and potatoes .make the bed B.clean the bedroom C.put away the clothes .There is a lake. B.There is a forest. C.There is a mountain.

`波特终于出现啦!他要宣布什么呢?仔细听,判断,记得用? 和?表示。) I’m a university student.

2) I don’t like Saturdays and Sundays. 3) I do housework on Saturdays.

4) I often do sports and watch TV on Sundays.

5) My favorite food is green beans.

4. Listen and write.


thin tree meals cook eggplants Tuesday funny tomatoes flowers read

Hello! I’m Kitty. I’_______ and _______ for lunch that day. I often _______ books at home. I’m home .I can _______ the _______ . Look! There is a big _______ and many colorful(的) _______ near my house ! How nice!

笔 试 部 分

1. Read and choose.


Chinese grass closet math curtain cloud air-conditioner P.E. forest

1)English : _______ _______ _______ 2) sky: _____ 3) mirror : _______ _______ _______________

2. Read and write.

(没有了魔法石的指点,这回看你的真本事了!看图写单词。Come on!) 1) There is a new

_ _ a _ _ bin behind the desk.

2) My Chinese teacher is very o _ _ and

k _ _ _.

3) We have

t _ _ _

for dinner on Thursdays.

4) There is a small

h _ _se in the forest.

5) It’s

_ _ _day today .

3. Read and tick or cross.


1)——Is there a chair in front of the desk ? —— Yes ,there is.

2) ——What’s your principal like ?

—— He is young and tall .

3) ——What do you have on Tuesday ?

—— We have music class.



Are there any mountains in the picture ?

—— Yes, there are.

5) —— What do you do on Mondays ?

—— I often do the dishes.

4、 Arrange the sentences.

() 1)

5、 Read and tick.


Hi! My name is Linda. I am 12 years old. I study at Brighton Primary School. I go to school

from Monday to Friday .My favorite day is Friday. We have art and P.E. class and we have beef for lunch. Beef is my favorite food. It’s tasty and healthy. My favorite teacher is Miss White. She is our English teacher. She is tall and pretty. Her class is so much fun.

I’m very helpful at home. I can sweep the floor and wash my clothes. I live in a small village. The sky is blue. The air is fresh. There is a river in my village. There is a path near the river. There

are no ducks in the river .But you can see many fish .

1) I go to school five days in a week. ( ) 2) We have art and science class on Friday. ( ) 3) My favorite teacher is tall and pretty . ( )

4) Mutton is my favorite food. ( ) 5) I’m very helpful at home. ( ) 6)There are many ducks in the river. ( )


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