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六年级英语上Module9-10练习题 (2013-12-13)


1. There’s a tall b_____near our school. 2.I want to s_____ you the picture.

3. He’s taking a p______ here. 4.It will bring p_____to the country.

5.Do you want to go i_____?


( )6.______you want to make a cake? A.Are B.Were C.Do

( )7.______ a clever boy! A. He B. What C. How

( )8.He’s fishing______his father . A. to B.and C.with

( )9Here is a flag from_____


10.The old owl_____(live )in a tree. 11.---What are you doing?

----We are ____(watch) football game.

12.They want to_____(go )to the Summer Palace.

13.There_____(be)many people from all around the world.

14.He often _____(do)housework in the morning.


15.( )How many students are there in your class.

16.( )What is it in English?17.( )When is your birthday?

18.( )Does he want to visit the Tian’anmen Square?19.( )Do you want to fly? 按要求完成句子。

20. I want to visit the room.(改为一般疑问句)___________________________

21.The Summer Palace is in Beijing.( 对划线部分提问)_________________________

22.What a fantastic present! (翻译成汉语)


23.The library is open at nine o’clock.(对划线部分提问)____________________



I’m going to go to the l_______. 26.Here’s your birthday c______.

27.Please h_____.We’re late. 28.They’re waiting in l____.


29.( )----What is in the bag?---_____open it and see!

A.Let B.Please C.Not

30.( )Don’t _____in class. A.sleeping B.sleeps C.sleep

31.( )_____quiet.It’s time for class. A.Be B.Are C./

32.( )----Where are you going? ---______the bus stop. A.To B.In C.At.

33.You must know the traffic_____ when you cross the road.



A .rule B. rules C. rule’s


A:Where are you going?

B:34 There is a photo show. Will you go with me?


Later- -----

A:Look .there is a sign.It says,”No parking”

B:Oh !35

A: Look at the museum rules.36_

B: It means we can’t talk loudly. And I’m hungry now.

A: It says,“37 ”Let’s eat and drink something outside.


38.Open the door.(改为否定句)____________________.

39.You can fly kites in the zoo.(改为否定句)____________________________

40.She is going to the park.(对划线部分提问)________________________

41.Sit down,please.(写出反义句)__________________________

阅读短文,判断正(T )误(F)。

A dog had a large piece of meat in his mouth. Near the water he looked down and saw himself in the water. He thought it was another dog. That dog also had a large piece of meat in his mouth.He said to himself,“I want to get his meat. Then I can have two pieces.” He opened his mouth to bark and his meat fell into the water.”

( )42.There was a dog with another dog in the water.

( )43.There was another dog in the water.

( )44.The dog ate two pieces of meat.

( )45.The dog’s meat fell into the water.


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