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六年级英语期中试题 姓名 班级

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一、 判断划线部分的发音,相同的打对号,不同的打错号。

( )1. meat bread ( )2. but bus

( )3. idea peach ( )4. rice right

( )5. post nose

二、 请用直线把汉语与相应的英语单词连接起来。(20分)

1、plane 地铁 2、minute 想要

ship 飞机 want 北

subway 轮船 north 南

always 知道 south 分钟

know 总是 west 西

三、 请在B栏中找出A栏句子的答语,将其字母代号填在括号中。


( )How do you go to school? A. You can go by the No.5 bus.

( )Can I go on foot? B. No, it’s not far.

( )How can I go to the zoo? C. Sure, if you like.

( )Is it far from here? D .It’s near the hospital.

( ) Where is the cinema? E. Usually I go on foot.

( )Where is the bookstore? F. My home is near the cinema.

( )What are you going to do? G .I am going at 3 o’clock.

( )Where are you going this evening? H. I’m going to play football.

( )When are you going? I. It’s east of the cinema.

( )Where is your home? J.I’m going to the bookstore.


( )1、-______ your birthday?

- It’s on the 1st of May.

A 、What’s B、When’s C、Where’s

( )2、-Is the running race ______?

- Yes, it is.

A 、excited B、exciting C、excite

( )3、My birthday is _______.

A 、come B、coming C、comes

( )4、My birthday is on the _______ of November.

A 、twelve B、twelveth C、twelfth

( )5、I’d like a big cake _______ lots of strawberries _____ my birthday party.

A 、of, for B、with, as C、with, for

( )6、It was there _________.

A 、now B、just now C、a moment

( )7、Lucy _____ to go shopping with her mother.

A 、want B、wants C、wanting

( )8、The earphones ______ on the sofa.

A 、is B、are C、was

( )9、The students are _______ the match now.

A 、looking at B、seeing C、watching

( )10、-What does it ________?

- It______ you shouldn’t touch it.

A 、mean, means B、means, mean C、means, means



. I am a bird. I fly in the sky. I like the clouds. They are pretty. I live in a tree. The tree is near a river. There aren’t any fish in the river. There is only one tree. I feel lonely.

One day, I see some students. They plant trees. They grow flowers, too. I like the trees and the flowers. They are very beautiful. Then there are trees and flowers. There are many fish in the river. The air is cleaner, the clouds are more whiter. Many birds come. I am happy.

1. ( )In the passage(短文), “I am a _________.”

A bird B tree C flower

2. ( )Where is the tree?

A On the river. B Over the river. C Near the river.

3. ( )Are there any fish in the river at first(原来)?

A Yes, there is. B Yes, there are. C No, there aren’t.

4. ( )Who plants the trees and flowers?

A Some students. B Some birds. C Some fish.

5. ( )After reading this passage, what should you do?

A Water the flowers and trees. B Cook the meals.C Make the bed.


阅读理解,对的在括号内写T, 错的在括号内F.(5%)

Today is Sunday. It’s seven thirty in the morning. It’s fine. Kate and her parents are going to the Great Wall. Kate’s father is a doctor. Her mother is a teacher. Now they’re getting on a big bus. There are twenty-two people in it. Some are English, and some are American and Japanese. They look very happy. They’re going to the Great Wall, too.

There are four Chinese on the bus. A young woman, she’s a driver. A young man, he’s a guide. My father and I are going to the Great wall, too.

( )1、It’s a fine Sunday morning.

( )2、Kate’s father and mother are teachers.

( )3、There are twenty-two people in the bus.

( )4、They are happy.

( )5、The driver is a man.

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