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英语5 Unit5 Magic Internet

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Use your imagination to complete the sentence.

Once the Internet connection is on __________________________ life will never be the same.

Table of Contents

Match the letters in the chart with the pictures.

Discuss with your partner about the advantages and disadvantages of each means of communication.


Auditory Classify these means of communications into several groups according to you own standard.

Both visual & auditory


Decide whether each of the following statements is true (T) or false (F) based on your common sense.


Now read the text to check your prediction.

Find the definition of When was the latter part of 1990s? Internet in paragraph 1.

Can you paraphrase the sentence?



Can you think of a proverb which has the same meaning?


Can you make up a sentence with this phrase?


Which is the transitional paragraph?

Put the summary of each paragraph in the correct order.


6) 2)





Choose the best answer to each of the questions.

Scan the text and complete the chart with the specific information and then add your own opinions

conveniences for schools… improve efficiency personal communication

fatal breakdown writing abilities weaken relations loosen

Task 1 Finish Task 4 in Comprehending. Task 2

Preview Word Power and do the exercises.

Discuss the following questions with your partner and briefly write down your answers.

1) What does the opening sentence mean? Please rewrite it in your own words. The Internet has become popular since the latter part of the 1990s. 2) What’s the implication of the sentence “everything good has its drawbacks” ? (Para. 3) Can you think of a proverb that means the same thing? Everything has something good as well as something bad. A coin has two sides.

3) Does the Internet really offer us “a world of promise” ? (Para.4) What promises do you think the Internet offers? Yes. It provides conveniences, improves efficiency in our work, helps with personal communication.

4) How do you understand the sentence “... with the Internet’s replacement... between people are loosened” ?(Para. 5) Friends don’t meet frequently, instead they chat online or send e-mails, which makes them not as close as they were. 5) What’s the implied meaning of the sentence “While people speak highly of the Internet, its drawbacks shouldn’t be ignored” ? (Para. 5) When we enjoy the advantages that Internet brings, we should notice the disadvantages.

Do you agree that “relations between people are loosened because of Internet”? Explain with specific examples.

Match each of the following words with its explanation and then make a sentence with it.


Choose the one which is closest in meaning to the colored part in each sentence below.

Complete the following sentences with the expressions in the box. Change the forms where necessary.

At first glance In vie

w of spoke highly of In spite of

Study the examples below and share your findings with your partner.

Now match one word in Column A with another in Column B to form a compound.

teamwork headline hillside workforce walkman


Can you think of some other words?








Preview Grammar and do the exercises.

Read the little poem below, paying special attention to the colored parts and trying to understand their meanings.

What is special for the colored parts?

Read more examples, paying attention to the colored parts, and answer the question below.

Question: Could all the “if”s become true?

Tick the choice(s) in the sentence below and work in pairs to fill in the blanks. All the examples above refer to present/past/future action. But the actions are unreal.

were did weren’t didn’t would/should…+subject + be/do …would would/should…+be/do were did


Combine each pair of sentences below by using unreal if-clause. If the rich man had enough friends, he wouldn’t feel lonely. If Angel knew her teacher’s name, she could send him a card. If Peter’s parents didn’t refuse to let him have a dog, he wouldn’t try to borrow Billy’s dog. If George didn’t ignore Snoopy, he wouldn’t get angry at him. If Kitty ate enough food, she wouldn’t be so thin.

Read and complete the following passage with the proper form of each given verb.

What makes “Peanuts” so popular? Of course, if it _________ weren’t (not be) funny, people wouldn’t like (not like) it so much. But __________ “Peanuts” provides more than just laughs. It addresses such universal themes as love, jealousy, loneliness, and hope. If the characters ______ (not be) so real, wecouldn’t identify ____________ _(not weren’t identify) with them. Take Lucy for example. In love with the piano-playing Schroeder, Lucy complains, “If wewere ____(be) married, and you loved (love) golf, I would hate (hate) your _____ __________ golf clubs! If you drove (drive) a sports car, I would hate your _____ sports car!” In “Peanuts” we see ourselves along with our weaknesses and hopes. But we don’t have to analyze “Peanuts” to enjoy it. If it weren’t (not be) for comic strips like “Peanuts”, ______ our lives might be(be) a little less fun. _______


1.Review Grammar 2.Preview the vocabulary in Listening and Speaking.

glue n.
Is glue a noun or verb here?

Internet has positive impacts. But if we glue to it all day, we may get bad influence.

a novel by Lao She

You can download or upload e-novels on the Internet.

Can you predict the content of the following dialogue based on the pictures?

Listen to a dialogue carefully and complete each of the following statements with the best choice.

Listen to the dialogue again and judge whether each of the following statements is true (T) or false (F).


Listen for the third time and compl

ete the sentences expressing degrees of certainty and learn to use the expressions.

She is afraid that I might get

bad influence


certainly helps me to have made great progress in my oral and written English

Computers could take over the world from man one day.

The following expressions may help you.


1. Surf the Internet to find other people’s views on the topic “Computers could take over the world from man one day.” 2. Preview Writing.

Study the following web pages. Can you guess their meanings according to the context?

Complete the following chart based on the web pages above in pairs.

Student A

Student B

Work in groups to talk about the following questions.

Remember to take down notes.

What are the advantages & disadvantages of the Internet? How should students use it properly?
Invite more people to join your discussion if necessary.

Start to design your group web page now. When you finish, please check your design.

Finish your web page design.
You can get online to find some information about web page design.

Can you translate them into Chinese?
“To be or not to be, that is the question”

Please make more sentences with the same pattern.

What do you usually do online? How much time do you spend online each week or day? What are your parents’ views on Internet?

What do you think of the boy?
This boy overuses the Internet and he becomes addicted to it.

What are the advantages/disadvantages of the following each activity?

Is air a noun here? Make up a sentence with the phrase air one’s view?
Can you paraphrase the sentence?

What does epal stand for?

Can you guess the meaning of jungle from the sentences after it?

Can you paraphrase the sentence?

How does the headmaster direct the discussion?

Can you finish the headmaster’s summary?

Answer the following questions according to the text.

1) How many people are there in this discussion? There are 6 people.

2) What’s the main purpose of this discussion?
The purpose is to discuss whether students should use the Internet, then the school will try to decide what to do.

3) Do the parents here share the same ideas? How do you know? No. Parent 1 agrees with Mr. Pei who doesn’t think that students should use the Internet while Parent 2’s daughter has learned a lot from some websites. 4) What’s the student’s view? The student thinks that students should use the Internet because they can use it to do homework and to learn about the world. 5) Do the people reach an agreement in the discussion finally? If so, what is their conclusion? Yes. They agree that students should be taught how to use the Internet in a safe way.

Work in groups of 6 to finish the following tasks.
1) Learn to organize a class discussion by studying how the headmaster starts and ends the discussion. Write down the expressions you think are proper and try them in your group. Good morning/afternoon/evening, and welcome to this class

discussion… 2) Now like the headmaster, use your own words to summarize what the teachers and parents have said.

Now have a group discussion on the topic:

Should students play computer games?
First decide who is the headmaster.

Share your suggestions on how to use the Internet with your partner and then make a dialogue.

You may begin your dialogue like this:
The prefix ab- means bad. So what does abuse mean?

Here are more suggestions.

Interview your teacher(s), parent(s) and classmates and find out their views on the use of the Internet. Then complete the chart.

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