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Lesson 7

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Lesson 7

Read an e-mail from Lucy.

I’m from England. be from = come from

I come from England.

He is from England.

He comes from England.

Let me tell you something about my daily life.
让我来告诉你一些关于我日常生活 的事情吧。

同义句: I’d like to tell you something about my daily life.

School ends at three.学校三点放学。

School is over at three.

? ? ? ? ?

直接表示时间法:就是按照几点几分的顺序来表示时间 例如: 8:00——eight (o’clock) 5:20——five twenty 2. 添加介词表示法 如果分数小于或等于30,就用past(过)来表示, 结构是“分钟+past+该点钟“;如果分钟大于30,就用to来 表示,结构是“分钟+to+下一点钟 例如: 12:05—— five past twelve 9:50——ten to ten 8:40——twenty to nine 温馨提示:在第二种表示法中, 如果分钟是15,一般用a quarter 来代替fifteen; 如果分钟是30, 一般用half来代替thirty。例如: 9:15——a quarter past nine 11:30——half past eleven 2:45——a quarter to three 小时:hour 分钟:minute 秒:second 一刻钟:quarter 半小时:half (half an hour)

? ? ? ?
? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

Key phrases
? ? ? ? ? ? ? something about daily life bring…… to get home do my (your, his, her, their) homework after dinner---------before dinner best wishes

Fill in the blanks with the right words.
from 1.I’m reading an e-mail _____ Lucy. 2.Let me tell you something ______ myself. about at 3.I go to school ______ 7:30 every day. 4.I bring a storybook ______ school. to over 5.Class is ______ at 5:40 in the afternoon, and then we go home. back 6.Please e-mail me ______ soon.

Good bye. Thank you.

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