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一. 单词英汉互译

1.大楼 2.和平

3.在-----里 4.show

5.flag 6.visit

7.present 8.国家

9.想要 10.show


1.全世界 2.拍照

3.参观联合国大厦 4.到里面去

5.去公园 6.bring peace to the world

7.People’s Republic of China 8.want to do

9.ride on a bus 10,go to the see


()1.Do you want _____ the UN building?

A.visit B. to visit C.visiting

( )2._______a fantastic present!

A. How B. Where C. What

( )3—Do you want to go to the park?


A. I do B. you do C.I don’t

( )4.There are flags _____ all around the world.

A. at B. in C. from

( )5.They want to bring peace ______ the world.

A. for B. to C. at

( )6.—Do you want to the zoo?

—No, I ______.

A. don’t B. do C. you don,t

( )7.____ any men inside the building?

A. There B. Here C. Are there

( )8.Do you want to_____TV?

A. watches B. watching C. watch

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