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新版PEP三年级上册Unit6 第一课时课件

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Unit 6 Happy birthday!


吉林省长春市朝阳区应化小学 陈晓丹

Which numbers can you hear?

Let’s have a picnic today

What’s missing?

fruit cake

cartoon cake

chocolate cake

tea cake

birthday cake

Tell me your favourite cake.

How many plates?

What are they talking about?

It’s a plate.

one plate two plates

three plates

four plates

five plates

Can I have some cake, please?

Sure. Here you are.

Why did Sam and Sam’s mother buy five plates of cake?

a. How old is Sam?

b. What should we say to Sam?

six balloons

three books

one birthday cake

two pencil-boxes

How many … can you see?

1.Listen to and repeat “Let’s talk”. 2.Make a short dialogue about shopping.

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