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课件unit4 what can you do

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Unit 4 What can you do?

Dog, dog, what can you do?
I can run after you.

Panda, panda, what can you do?
I can eat so much bamboo. Mouse, mouse, what can you do? I can hide in the shoe. Mike, Mike, what can you do? I can draw animals in the zoo!

Animals can do many things. What about you ?

What can you do ?

I’m helpful!

sweep the floor _____
I can sweep the floor.

cook __ the meals
I can cook the meals.

clean the bedroom
I can clean the bedroom.

clean the bedroom clean the table I can clean the …

clean the …

water the flowers
I can water the flowers.

empty _____ the trash
I can empty the trash.

Write together

clean the bedroom

sweep the floor

the meals water the flowers

I’m helpful !

I can …

I’m helpful !

I can …

I’m helpful !

I can …

I’m helpful !

I can …

What can you do ?
sweep I’m helpful! I can … the floor cook the meals clean the bed room water the flowers empty the trash

Are you helpful at home?

Pair work
A: What can you do?
B: I’m helpful. I can you? .What about

A:I can_______.
make the bed sweep the floor

water the red\blue… flowers

empty the trash…

clean the board\desk\chair\bedroom…

cook the meals\potatoes\fish…

Look and match

Go to the kitchen .

? ?

Sweep the floor. Clean the bedroom.


Go to the living-room.
Go to the be Look and match droom. Go to the garden. Go to the outside.

? ?

Cook the meals.
Empty the trash. Water the flowers.

? ?

Wanted(招聘) 高薪聘请 “小管家”

I am old. I can’t do housework. I need a管家.

let me help you.

My name is _____.
I’m _____ years old. I’m helpful!

I can__________ and_______ at home.
I can__________ and_______ at school. Thank you!





Homework ★ : Do what you can do at home and save the foods. (在家里帮家长做一些力所能及的事情; 节约粮食从我做起。) ★ ★ : Read and copy the five new phrases for four times. (读和抄写新词组各四遍。)

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