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unit two peom

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Module six Unit two peom

一 . 短语翻译

1.复习,检查 ______________ 2. 有意义,说得通 _______________

3. 理解……________________ 4. 给某人背诵/读 / 解释……________________

5.表达情感______________________ 6.向鞠躬 / 屈服 _______________________

7.熬夜_____________ 8.放轻松,别紧张_____________ 别着急,慢慢来 ____________________

9.用完,耗尽(及物)__________ 用完(不及物)________________

10.组成 / 编造 / 化妆 / 弥补 / 和解 ________________ 由……组成 ____________

11.再多几分钟 _________________ 12. 很受欢迎 ______________

13.充满_________________ 14.A翻译成B _______________________

15.一天又一天_____________________ 16碰巧 ________________

17. 继续 / 别挂断(电话)__________________ 18.有可能….. ________________

19.试验 ____________ 试穿___________

20.泄漏 / 发出(声音) / 释放 / 放宽(衣服) _____________ 21.盼望________________


1.There are various reasons____________________. 人们会写诗有种种原因。

2.Some rhyme(like B)____________ do not(like C). 有些诗押韵(像B),但也有些不是这样(像C)。

3.With so many different forms of poetry______________,students may eventually want to write poems of their own.因为有许多不同类型的诗可以选择,学生们可能最后都想写他们自己的诗歌了。

4. We ____________________if we hadn’t taken it easy, if we_________________________.如果我们没有放松,如果我们没有耗尽精力,我们就会赢了。

三. 单词拼写(须用本单元的单词和词汇)

1 There has been an increase in the technical cooperation and cultural e__________between China and other countries in the past ten years.

2. As the income is increasing,the p__________of family life has been changing over recent years.

3.Although her grandma had been ill for a long time,it still came as a shock when she e__________ died.

4. Ours is a time of problems,of gigantic problems. Everything is being ________________(变换)under the magic influence of science and technology.

5.We should adopt f__________methods to deal with some incidents.You know,anything could occur in that situation.

6.The company’s head office is in New York,and it has b__________ all over the world.

7.The deep ________(悲伤) she felt was obvious in the expression of her face.

8.If you are easy to get lost, you’d better take a ________(指南针)with you.

9.No word can c_______ my thanks to you at the moment.

10.An _______(合适) method must be found to deal with such situation.

四. 单项选择

1. Without grammar little is _______; without vocabulary nothing is ________; vocabulary is the

foundation of learning a foreign language

A. explained; explained B. conveyed; conveyed

B. C. transported; transported D. expressed; expressed

2.---Why are you ________ that particular expression?

---Because the song you are humming _______ me of a nursery rhyme that I learned twenty years ago when I stayed in the kindergarten.

A. taking on; calls back B. putting on; reminds

C. wearing; reminds D. having; informs

3. What a chain smoker says is often ______ what he does. On one hand, he says he wants to quit smoking,

on the other hand he continues to smoke on and on.

A. contradictory to B. contrary with C. similar to D. against with

4. I think we should develop a ________ of “flexible team work”, that is, we can work together when

needed and we can work individually when ______.

A. means; it doesn’t B. way; it is not C. system; we don’t D. pattern; it isn’t

5. Our supply of food ________; if we don’t get some soon, we will be starving.

A. is lacking B. is running out C. is being short D. is taking out

6. A habit, often unconscious pattern of behavior, is _______ through frequent repetition

A. acquired B. made up C. consisted D. gained

7. The United States _______ 52 states while China ________32 provinces and autonomous regions.

A. forms of; consists of B. consists of; is made up of

C. is made up; consists of D. is formed; is made up of

8. ---Oh, doctor, I am coughing, sneezing and having a soar throat. I am afraid I am dying.

---Look me have a look. Well, there is nothing serious. It’s just a bad cold. ______ and you will be well

again in a couple of days.

A. Take it easy B. Take a light heart

C. Make yourself at home D. Don’t worry about

9. As students, we have many duties to perform, with improving our ability to learn _______.

A. in special B. in advance C. in practice D. in particular

10. It usually takes many years for the ________ of a society from one system to another to complete.

A. translation B. transformation C. transportation D. transplantation

11. Modern technological revolution ______ the highest outcome with minimum energy consumption, with

consideration of _______ the least damage to the environment.

A. aims to produce; making B. aims at producing; doing

C. aims producing; causing D. aims to produce; having

12. The bride and bridegroom were _______ wedding gifts when all lights went out and the hall fell into

completely darkness and the wedding ceremony had to _______.

A. presenting; be put off B. exchanging; put off

C. offering; be stopped D. exchanging; stop

13. More than 75 football teams from all over the world came to ______ for the World Cup Championship

and the Chinese Football Team was going to ______ a new strategy to play.

A. make out; try out B. come out; bring out

C. try out; carry out D. take out; come out

14. Educationists across China are experimenting and trying out new assessing systems _______to assessing

students’ performance in school.

A. suitable B. equal C. appropriate D. fit

15. The Iranian government is accused of _______ some terror organizations in the Middle East by the

United States, who can’t not produce firm evidences to prove it.

A. sponsoring B. providing C. offering D. supplying

16. The good-for-nothing graduate’s mind _______ when he learned that he could not get the graduation

diploma because of his poor performance.

A. turned empty B. became hollow C. grew blind D. went blank

17. The little girl _______her breath in a long sigh when she learned that none of her friends let out her

plan to

run away from her family with her boyfriend to her parents

A. send out B. make out C. let out D. bring out

18. We finally managed to _______ the truth out of the librarian who admitted ______ some collections of

poems in the poetry section and _______them for money.

A. tease; stealing; selling B. bring; to steal; to sell

C. cheat; stealing; sold D. dig; stolen; sold

19. The pianist played the master piece _______, which _______ greatly affected his audience.

A. in emotion; in turn B. with emotion; in return

C. in emotions; in return D. with emotion; in turn

20. The gardener was _______ when he found his ________ flower withered, with its blades drooping

because somebody had watered it with too much salty water.

A. in deep sorrow; most favorite B. sorry; most favorite

C. in deep sorrow; favorite D. with deep sorrow; favorite

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