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五年级上册第6单元partA let's talk教案与反思 英文版

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Unit 6 In a Nature Park

Teaching design

Xinrui school Cheng Yuyan

Teaching content: 1、Let’s talk 2、Pair work

Teaching aims: to learn and use main sentences :Is there….? Yes, there is. / No, there isn’t. Teaching important and difficult points:

1. To learn :Is there…? Yes, there is./No, there isn’t.

2. To use: Is there…? Yes, there is./No, there isn’t.

Teaching aids:

PPT, word cards, game cards

Teaching process

Step 1.Warm-up / Revision


2. Revision:lake , mountain, river, forest, flower ……

Step 2. Presentation

1. Show PPT of Let’s talk

T : I live in a city. Do you live in a city ?(show the word card and teach students to read). T : Zhang Peng and John are talking about a city. What’s the city like ?

2. Help students understand the dialogue with the help of city,nature park,farm。,

T: Is there a nature park in the city?

Ss:Yes, there is.

T:Is there a river in the park? Is there a farm?

Ss:No, there isn’t.

3. Board writing: Is there a river in the park ? Yes, there is. / No,there isn’t.(show PPT change

there and is)

4. Give out self-made game word cards. Have a match to put up the right sentence in a shortest


5. Pair work

(1).Show PPT of Let’s talk .change the key words to make a simple dialogue.

(2).Scenery cards to students, practice in pairs.

Step 3 Homework

Make a simple dialogue with the main sentence.

Step 4 Board writing

Unit 6 Part A Let’s talk

Is there a river in the park?

Yes, there is./No, there isn’t.

Step 5 Reflection

It’s a dialogue teaching lesson which is taught in basis of new words learning.

With the help of multi media projection, students are active in the class.

So most of them can have a good of understanding of main sentences. The class was completed well. But not all the students can easily use the sentence well. I hope I can help them have interests in English..

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