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姓名 班级

1.(do visit carry were tired mend was busy cleaned washed)

Yesterday _______ Sunday, but the children were very _________.They ________some old people in their town. They helped these people ________ housework. Mary _______ clothes for Grandma Wu. Li lei ______ Grandpa Dong’s room. Tom helped Mr. Lin __________ his TV. Jim and Liu Dong helped Mrs. Lin ________ some heavy boxes.

2.(swimming, tall, lake, during, cooked , over ,busy, mend

3.(had, is , writes, with, live wrote want about)

.He usually _________ letters to his friends boats. Jim didn’t ______ to go in a boat. So they went for a little walk. Jim ______ in his

letter,“We ______ near the city. There _____ a big zoo in the city. Next month, we are going to _______ the pandas in the zoo.”

4.(study visited has for last keep from grades borrow big)

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I _________ Dong Fan Primary School ________ year. The school is a _______ one. There are six ________ . There are five classes in every grade. And it _______ thirty-five classrooms. There is a big library in it. The students can_______ books ____ the library. They can __________the book ______ three weeks. They can ____ in it ,too.

5.(happy angry sad dirty came way himself laughed wanted jumped)

Tom was very ________ because he wore(穿着)a new shirt yesterday morning. But on his _______ home from school, he _______ to catch the dog, and ______ into the water near the road, and his new shirt was very ________.He was very __________.But his classmates

the new shirt by_______________.

6.(on here says doesn’t cinema home stops down)

微笑) and waves(打招呼)

7.(homework bought busy tired doctor made park tomorrow) My mother was very ________ yesterday. At six thirty in the morning, she ran in the

________. She went to the shopping _______ at eight o’clock. She ________many food. Then she took my grandmother go to see the _________ at ten o’clock. At two thirty in the afternoon, she went to see a __________.After than at four, she __________ a dress herself for me, because the day after ________ is my birthday, she did________ at five thirty. She was _________ at night.

8.(wash study see clean be school mend have next help)

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Hello, I am Betty. I______at in No.1 Primary School. My father and mother are going to be very busy ________ week. So, I am going to________ my parents ____ the clothes on Monday. On Tuesday, I am going to__________ my grandparent’s. I must ________ the house on Wednesday. I _________ to help my father wash his car on Thursday and

_________ the radio on Friday. I am going to ________ busy after ________ next week.

9.(afraid went ran pointed said didn’t saw help crying him)

I am Sam. Last Monday, I ________ home after school in the afternoon. I _________a

little boy sitting in the street. He was _______ , I went to ask __________“What is your name, .”Then he ______: “Is that

10.(lazy ago together lived play work was want)

didn’t ___________

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