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M7U2There are twelve boys on the bike

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There is a\an +名词单数+ in this photo.
It’s\She’s +动词ing.

I can’t see her face. there is 句型 there are 词组 have a look ride the horse eat vegetables climb a tree watch the cat
Unit 1

climb face horse 单词 sheep vegetable


There be 句型表示“存在、有”, 某处存在某物。
1.There is a/an +可数名词单数+其他. 2.There is some+不可数名词+其他. 3.There are+数字+可数名词复数+其他.


There is a\an…. It’s\She’s\He’s….

Unit2 There are twelve boys on the bike .

There is a boy on the bike.
There are three boys on the bike. Oh! There are twelve boys on the bike!

1. What is Daming doing? He is intruducing his photos. 2.What are in Daming’s photos?

There is a panda in the photo. What is it fruit. It’s eating doing?

There are three chickens in the photo.

What are they rice. They’re eating eating?

There is a bear in the photo.
It’s eating sweets. What is it eating?

There are some pigs in the photo.
They’re eating they eating? What are fruit and vegetables.

There is a\an…. It’s\She’s\He’s…. There are…. They’re….

climb a tree dance

eat fruit ride a bike

play table tennis run fast

用be动词is / are 填空:
1.There is a pencil in the pencil box.

3.There 4.There 5、A:

are some flowers on the desk. are four people in my family. is Is a picture and two maps on the wall. there a cat under the tree? is

B: Yes,there

There be 与 have 的区别
1.There be 和have都表示“有”的含义。 2.区别: There be表示“某处存在某物或某人”; have表示“某人拥有某物/某人”,它表示所有、拥有 关系。如: I have two books. →

→ There are two books in the bag.
3.当have表示“包括”、“存在”的含义时, there be 句型与其可互换。如:

→ A week has seven days. =There are seven days in a week.

There are +数字+名词复数+ in the photo.
There is a\an +名词单数+ 其他. It’s\They’re +动词ing.



there is there are


Unit 2


on the bike


eat fruit eat rice eat sweets

画一幅画并用There be 句型描述。

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