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2、 She is a 3、 He is in the study.

4、Who is she? 5、 is a farmer.

6、What`s your uncle’


1、 your father’s job?

A、What B、What`s C、How

2、people are there in your family?

A、How much B、How many C、How

3、My family seven people.

A、have B、has C、is

4、My aunt is nurse

A、an B、a C、the

5、This is dad.

A、me B、I C、my

6、Come meet my family.

A、and B、or C、for

7、Is a teacher?


A、her B、she C、his

8、Who they?

A、is B、\ C、are

9、How many people there in your family?

A、do B、are C、is

10、What`s your aunt’A、Yes, she is B、She is a teacher C、She is my aunt



( )1、This is my family. ( )2、My sister is a teacher.

( )3、This is my grandma. ( )4、My grandpa is a farmer. ( )5、My brother is a baseball player.


( )1. How many people are there A.He is a football palyer.

in your family?

( )2.What`s in your schoolbag? B. 2 pencils and 5 books. ( )3. What color is your pen? C. I `d like some milk. ( )4. What`s his name? D. His name is Mike.

( ) 7、Is this your uncle? E. It`s black.

( ) 5、What`s your uncle’s job? F. Yes,it is.

( ) 6、What would you like? G. Four


A、What`s your sisiter’job?

B、Is your mother a teacher,too

C、What is your father’s job?

D、How many people are there in your family? E、No,she isn`t.

B:Four. My parents,my sister and me.

B:My father is a teacher.

She`s a driver.

B: She`s a student.




1、My father is a teacher.

2、Good morning! Welcome to meet my family.

3、How many people are there in your family?

4、Four.My father,my mother,my uncle and me.

5、What`s your father’s job?

( )----( )----( )----( )----( )


1. Welcome to meet my family.

2. Look at the girl. She’s a nurse, too

3. She’s my mother.

4. Thank you. Who’s she ?

5. She is a nurse .

( )----( )----( )----( )----( )

八、读一读,判断正误。正确的写“T”,错误的写“F”。(10分) Hello, I am Mary. This is my father.He’tall. He’s 36. He likes vegetables. He’s a doctor.My mother is 35.She is a teacher. She likes rice.Look,This is my aunt.She is a nurse . She likes fish.

( )1. I’m Mike.

( )2. Father likes fish.

( )3. Mary’s father is tall.

( )4. Mary’s aunt is a nurse.

( )5. Mary’s mother is a driver.

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