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六年级join in3期末测试题

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Join in book3上学期六年级英语期末测试

学校_________ 班级_________ 姓名_________

一.选出不同类的一项 (14分)

( )1. A. tea B. juice C. curtains

( )2. A. big B. long C. circle

( )3. A. chair B. bear C. rabbit

( )4. A. teacher B. mascots C. policeman ( )5. A. duck B. bush C. snake

( )6. A. black B. purple C. snow

( )7. A. shirt B. open C. dress

二. 读单词,将同类的单词写在相应的横线上(16分) Pets feelings colours foods

_______ ________ ________ _________ _______ ________ _________ _________

chicken brown mouse sandwich sad dog purple tired

三. 选择最佳答案,将序号填入题前括号内 (30分) ( )1. I ___ going to buy chocolates.

A. am B. is C. are

( )2. Lisa, can you ______ some orange juice?

A. break B. have C. bring

( )3. We will have a party at the weekend. We are very ______.

A. pretty B. bored C. happy

( )4. Nick ____ got many pencils. But his sister ____got only one.

A. have, has B. have, have C. has, has

( )5. Mary, what ____ you need?

A. do B. can C. did

( )6.He always dreams of ______ a star.

A. is B. being C. be

)7. Tony is fast______.

A. slept B. sleep C. asleep

( )8.--Get me some juice.


A. Hurry up. B. Let’s go. C. Just a minute, please. ( )9. I go to school ____eight. I have 4 classes ___ the morning.

A. at, in B. in , in C. at , at

( )10. I do homework _____six ___seven.

A. at, on B. from, to C. to, to


1. dream I pandas. often of


2. that I I dream sometimes fly. Can


3. best friend of My dreams often being a teacher. ______________________________________________

4. dream that never animals. Talk I can to I ______________________________________________

5. go to bed nine at often I


五.将下列句子组成一段通顺的对话 (10分)

A. Oh, I see. Thank you.

B. One elephant, one monkey… I have four together.

C. Sarah, have you got any mascots?

D. How many have you got?

E. That’s all right.

F. Yes, I have some toy animals.

C—( )--( )--( )--( )--( )

六.读短文,选择正确的一项 (10分)

One day Tom tells his friends, “ I’m going to have a trip in Beijing. But I can’t speak Chinese, so I’m going to take evening classes and learn Chinese there for a month.” Soon his holiday comes and he goes to China happily by plane. When he

comes back, his friends ask him, “Do you have any trouble with Chinese when you are in Beijing, Tom?” “No, I don’t.” answers Tom, “But the Chinese do!”

( ) 1.Tom _____ Beijing.

A. lives in B. is going to C. doesn’t like

( ) 2.Tom ______ Chinese for a month.

A. studies B. is a C. meets

( ) 3.Tom will _____ China very happily.

A. ride B. come back from C. go to

( )4. Tom thinks he ______ trouble with Chinese in China.

A. has some B. can understand C. has no

( )5. “But the Chinese do.” Means_________

A. the Chinese people have trouble with Chinese.

B. The Chinese people don’t understand Tom’s Chinese.

C. Tom’s Chinese is good. People can understand him easily.

七.作文My Classroom (5分)

提示:用there be 和have got/has got 句型描述,不少于5句话。

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