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小学英语四年级上unit one my classroom 第一课时

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Unit 1 My classroom



王 岩

A for apple.

B for boy.

C for cat and D for dog. E for egg and F for fish.

G for girl and H for hand.
I for ice-cream. J for Jet.

K for kite and L for lamp. M for man and N for nose.

O for orange and P for pen.

Q for queen and R for rain.
S for sugar and T for train. U for umbrella. V for van.

W for water.
Y for yellow.

X for X-mas.
Z for zoo.

—I see a “p”.
—Where is it?

—It’s near the window.
What is it? —It’s a picture.

We have a new classroom. It is so big. I see many new things in it. I see a picture. It is big and beautiful. It is near the window. I

see some desks. They are new. I
like our new classroom.

1.让学生回家观察自己家中的物品 及它们的位置,试着回答问题: What’s near the window? Where is your picture? 2.让学生尝试用自己的语言为父母 介绍一下自己的教室。

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