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PEP 四年级上册 Unit 5What would you like ?第二课时教学设计

一、 教学目标


能听懂会说:What would you like for breakfast/lunch/dinner? I’d like some?并能在实际生活中运用。



b.能够相互调查一日三餐的用餐情况。 <3>情感、策略、文化目标 a.情感目标:让学生在完成任务的同时,激发学生学习英语的兴趣。培养学习英语的积极态度,同时培养他们乐于合作的精神。

b.文化目标:了解中西方饮食方面的不同之处。 c.学习策略:培养合作学习相互协助的能力


教学重点:能听懂会说:What would you like for breakfast/lunch/dinner? I’d like some?等基本会话。

教学难点:一些常用的就餐用语,比如Everything’s ready等的使用;相互调查一日三餐的用餐情况

三、教学方法:任务教学法、情境教学法 四、课前准备: 课件,食物图片,录音。 五、教学过程:

I Warm-up and revision.

Be a waiter :One student be a waiter ,the other students be the shoppers . T :Let’

s play a game , one student be a waiter ,the other students be the shoppers .Use the sentence “Can I have some ?? Sure .Here you are .”(并且把买到的食物贴到黑板上)

T :Ok ,the game is over .Today let us continue to learn this unit “What would you like?”(引出课题,板书)

II Presentation and practice

T :Do you like these food ?Which food do you like ? S :I like ….

1. T: I like rice and vegetables. So I'd like some rice and vegetables for dinner.

课件:I like rice and vegetables. I’d like(想要,想吃) some rice and vegetables. 帮助学生理解含义,板书并教读句子I'd like some....

2. T: I’d like some rice and vegetables. What would you like? (强调would发音,示范 would

you的连读)(引导学生猜测词句的含义) S: 引导学生用I'd like some....

课件出示 Get to know :What would you like? 你想要/想吃什么? What do you like? 你喜欢什么?(同过对比让学生加深印象) 3.Pair work :use the sentences with your partner. 4 Guess: “Which present?”

Today there is an angle ,she can give presents to the animals ,guess:” Which present?” If you guess right , I will send it to you .

5 T :Oh ,I’m hungry .Are you hungry ?

S :Yes .I’m hungry . T : Are you hungry ? S :Yes .I’m hungry ……

T :Oh ,my dinner is ready .”dinner “What’s meaning?”Look at the clock ,What time is it ? S :It’s five o’clock . T :dinner :晚餐.(教读)

T :Guess ,what’s for dinner ?(板书) S:Fish/chicken/rice/vegetables T :Fish is ready .Chicken is ready ?. T :Everything is ready .(板书)

6. T: Well done !Boys and girls, Here’s a menu. Can you order dishes?) T :Now ,Let’s go to Mike’s family and see how to order dishes.

T: This is Mike and his parents. We can see they are so happy from the pictures. What are they talking about , animals ,colours ,dinner? S1: Dinner. T: Here are two questions. Let’s watch the dialogue . 课件出示问题: What would Mike like for dinner?

What would Mike’s mother like for dinner? T :Who can answer the questions? S :I can …..

7 T :Let’s read the dialogue together

8 T :Let’s act the dialogue with your partner .

Group work: Role-play reading.(奖励优秀合作团队) 9 Group work:完成书中调查表格。

T: Let’s make a survey ,and finish the form . III Summary

1. 询问正餐有什么吃的:What’s for dinner? 2. 问对方想要什么:

What would you like? 3. 告诉对方你想要点什么:I’d like some ?. 4.一切准备好了:Everything’s ready. 小结并且跟录音读。

(四) Homework:


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