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( ) ( ) (


( ) ( )


( )1.A.He goes to school by bike. B.I go to school on foot.

C.They go to work by car.

( )2.A.My home is near. B.It’s very nice.

C.It’s near the post office.

( )3.A.You can go by bus. B.She can go by car.

C.I can’t go by plane.

( )4.I can go by bike. B.You can go by bike.

C.Yes,you can.

( )5.A.It’s red. B.It’s light. C.It’s over there.


( )1.Mike sometimes goes to school by bus.

( )2.Mike is 12.

( )3.Mike’s home is far.

( )4.Wu Yifan always walks to school.

( )5.Wu Yifan is Mike’s good friend.


四、 选择。(15分)

( )1.I will meet you ___ 2 o’clock.

A. on B. at C. in

( )2.--- How do you go to school? ---I go ___ by plane.

A.\ B. to C. it

( )3.___ at a yellow light.

A. Wait B. Stop C. Go

( )4.___ China, drivers drive ___ the right side.

A. In, at B. On, on C. In, on

( )5.How can I ___ the zoo?

A. go B. gets C. get to

( ) 6.You can go to the park ___ No.15 bus.

A. By B. by the C. to the

( ) 7. ___ the traffic lights.

A. Look B. Look at C. See

( )8.___ I go on foot?

A. Am B. Does C. Can

( )9.--- Where’s Zhang Peng’s home?

---___ home is near the post office.

A. His B. He C. Her

( )10.___, we meet at my home. ___,we play computer games. ___ we go to the


A. Next,Then,First B. Then Next, ,First C. First,Next,Then,

( )11._____ you like, you can watch TV or read books.

A. If B. Why C. Because

( )12.---Can you ______ the new words(单词)?---Sure.

A. do B. remember C. have

( )13.We can take the ______ at the bus stop.

A. plane B. car C. bus

( )14.Let _____ go to the zoo.

A.I B. me C.\

( )15.______ your home?

A. Where B. Where’s C. What’s


1.去公园_____________________ 6.this afternoon ________________

2.骑自行车____________________7.the bus stop _________________

3.在我家附近__________________8.on the fifth floor______________

4.交通规则___________________ 9.on Jim’s left ________________

5.乘火车_____________________10.by taxi __________________


( )1.Where is Zhongshan park?

( )2.How do you go to Canada?

( )3.Why do you go to Beijing by plane?

( )4.Is it far?

( )5.Where is the TV room?

( )6.Let’s go to school by car today.

1. I by zoo car to usually go

___________________________ .

2. home is where uncle’s your

____________________________ ?

3. the the lights are traffic same

____________________________ .

4. traffic know the rules must you.

____________________________ .

5. on we go the stop foot can bus

___________________________ .



________ can I _______ _______ Daba park?


You must know the ________ __________.


_________ I _______ _______ _______ on foot,but _________ I

go by bike.


A: Excuse me, _________ is the People’s Park?

B: Oh, it’s _______ hear.

A:______ can I ______ there?

B: Let me _______. You can walk to the traffic lights. Then turn left. You can see it ___ the right.

A: Thank ______ for helping me!

B: You _____ welcome!


Mary always takes the bus to school. She likes talking with her friends on the bus. It’s about three miles to the school and it takes(花费)her about 10 minutes. Leo usually walks to school. But sometimes he rides her bike, and it is about 15 minutes. He can also go by bus, but he doesn’t like it, because he thinks it’s boring(无聊). 读短文,判断正误。

( )1. Mary sometimes goes to school on foot.

( )2. It’s about 3 miles to Mary’s school.

( )3. It takes Leo about 15 minutes to go to school by bike.

( )4. Leo can’t take the bus to school.

( )5. Leo thinks taking the bus is boring.

十一、书面表达。(10分)写写你是怎样上学的。(说说原因、注意交通规则等) _____________________________________________________________________


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