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一、 找出下面每组单词中与其它不同类的那个单词。

( )1. A. bed B. bedroom C. living room D. kitchen

( ) 2. A. glasses B.sofa C. chair D.desk

( )3. A. strong B. quiet C. friendly D. spoon

( )4. A. study B. floor C. wall D. window

( )5. A. father B. farmer C. driver D. cook


1. I _____ a new classroom.

2. She _____ long hair.

3. We _____ 6 new lights.

4. He _____ a small nose.


1.This _____ my father.

2.That _____ only six.

3. _____ they near the phone?

4.Mom _____ in the living room.

5 Where _____ you?

6. _____ she in the kitchen?

7.Where _____ my crayons?

8.There _____ a book on the desk.

9 How many people _____ there in your family? 10.What _____ your name?



( )1.What’s your father? A. Sure, here you are. ( )2.How many books do you have? B. Yes, she is.

( )3.May I have a look? C. I have 3.

( )4.What would you like? D. He is a doctor.

( )5.Is she in the study? E I’d like some beef.


( )1. Where’s my schoolbag? A. No,they aren’t.

( )2.What’s her name? B. Her name is Sarah.

( )3.Are they in the kitchen? C. It’s near the computer.

( )4.What’s your uncle’s job? D. I’d like some rice and beef.

( )5.What would you like ? E. My uncle is a football player.


( )1.你想知道别人的书包是什么色的,你会问?

A. What colour is your schoolbag?

B. Is it your schoolbag?

( )2.你想知道朋友家一共有多少家庭成员,你会问?

A. How many people can you see?

B. How many people are there in your family?

( )3.你想知道朋友的爸爸是什么职业的,你会问?

A. What’s your father’s job?

B. What’s your father’s name?

( )4.妈妈问你晚饭吃什么,她会问?

A. What would you like for dinner?

B. Can I have some chicken?

( )5.当你猜测爸爸是不是在书房时,你会问?

A. Is he in the kitchen?

B. Is he in the study?


( )1. ____you like some beef?

A. Can B. What. C. Would

( )2._____they in the door?

A. Is B. Are C. Am

( )3. What would you like _____dinner?

A. in B. at C. for

( )4.What’s your _______ job?

A. father’s B. father C. he

( )5. Is he ______ the living room?

A. on B. under C. in 七、连词组句。

1. your, What’s , father?


2.classroom? , in, the, What’s


3.would, like? , you, What


4.study? , Are, in, the, they


5. books, many, How, you , do, have?



This is Jim’s bedroom. It’s new and nice. A bed and a chair are in it. A desk is on the floor. Some flowers are on it .A bookshelf is behind the bed. Some English books are on the shelf. A picture is on the wall. Some people are in the picture. The man is his father. The woman is his mother. Who is the boy? Do you know?

( )1.Whose room is it ?

A. Jim’s room. B. Father’s room. C. Mother’s room.

( )2.Where are the flowers?

A. On the floor. B. In the desk. C. On the desk.

( )3.What’s on the shelf?

A. Some Chinese books. B. Some math books.

C. Some English books.

( )4.Who is the woman?

A. Jim. B. Jim’s mother. C. Jim aunt.

( )5.Who is the boy? It’s _____.

A. Jim B. Mike. C. David.

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