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新版PEP四年纪英语上 课本课文

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B Let’s talk

Hi, John. I have a good friend.

A boy or girl?

A boy. He’s tall and thin.

Who is he? Zhang Peng?

Is he Wu Yifan?

Yes. You’re right.

B Let’s learn

My friend has blue glasses.

It’s Wu Yifan. His glasses are blue.

Are they in the study?

Where’s the cat, Dad?

Is she in the kitchen?

Zip, your living room is nice.

Zip is in the bathroom. I’m her sister.

A Let’s talk

I have a cat. She’s cute.

Where is she?

- 5 -

Mmm.Is she in the study?

No, she isn’t.

Look! She’s in the kitchen.

A Let’s play

Where’s my pen?

Is it in your desk?

No, it isn’t.

Is it in your hand?

Yes, it is!

Let’s do

Go to the living room. Watch TV. Go the the study. Read a book. Go to the kitchen. Have a snake. Go to the bedroom. Have a nap. Go to the bathroom. Take a shower.

B Let’s talk

Open the door, please. OK!

- 6 -

Are they near the phone?

No, they aren’t.

Look! They are in the door.

B Let’s learn

Where are the keys? They’re on the fridge.

Read and write

This is my living room. My books are on the sofa, and my pens are on the fridge. My bag is under the table, and my glasses are near the phone. Where are my keys?

I’d like some beef.

Would you like a knife and a fork? No, thanks. I can use chopsticks.

- 7 -

A Let’s talk

Mum What would you like for dinner?

Some fish and vegetables, please. Dinner’s ready.


B Let’s talk

Dinner’s ready! Help yourself.


Would you like some soup?

Yes, please.

B Let’s learn

John, would you like some beef?

Yes, please, and pass me the knife and fork, please.

Let’s do

Pass me the bowl.

Pass me the knife.

- 8 -

Cut the vegetables.

Use the spoon.

Use the fork.

Now let’s try it!

Read and write

What would you like for dinner, John? I’d like some beef, please.

Would you like some noodles, too? Yes, thank you.

Can I have a knife and fork, please?

Yes, John, but try chopsticks for noodles.

What would you like for dinner?你晚饭想吃什么? I’d like… 我想吃…

Yes, it is. He’s a football player. What’s your aunt’s job?

She’s a nurse.

That’s Sarah’s father. He’s a doctor.

- 9 -

A Let’s talk

My parents and me.

My family has six people.


Yes. sister, my baby brother and me. My dad, my mom, my

But that’s only six.

And my little puppy!

B Let’s talk

Is this your baby brother?

No, it’s me!

- 10 - brother, my

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