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Unit 5 易错

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Unit 5 nelson mandela----a modern hero 易错

1.Betty shows great interest in this poem now, but she thought ig boring ____ she read it.

A.at the first time B.the first time C.for the first time D.at first

2.My sister came ____ she got my short message.

A.exactly B.especially C.directly D.simply

3.He left Europe ____ World War // broke out.

A.the year B.in the year C.during the year D.for the year

4.----Did you give the book to him?

----Yes, I gave it to him ____ I saw him.

A.once B.the moment C.while D.suddenly

5.The young stood up ____ Xiao Shenyang came into the hall.

A.immediately B.instant C.every time D.while

6.Livemocha, com is a free site ____ visitors can not just learn various languages but also chat online.

A.where B.which C.that D.what

7.I walked up to the top of the hill with my friends, ____ we enjoyed a splendid view of the lake.

A.which B.where C.who D.that

8.She’ll never forget her stay there ____ she found her son who had gone missing two years before.

A.that B,which C.where D.when

9.Life us like a long race ____ we compete with others to go beyond ourslves.

A.why B.what C.that D.where

10.Gun control is a subject ____ Americans have argued for a long time.

A.of which B.with which C.about which D.into which

11.----I wonder if I could use your telephone.


A.I wonder how B.I don’t know C.Sorry. It’s out of order D.No wonder; here it is

12.As ____ matter of fact, ____ beauty of ____ nature there made an excellent impression on me.

A.a; the; / B.a; the; the C.the; the; / D.a; /; the

13.The police ____ roadblocks on routes out of the city to prevent the criminal from escaping.

A.set up B.set back C.set down D.set aside

14.Although____ my opinion, the old professor didn’t come up with his own.

A.in B.against C.for D.on

15.Anyway, I can’t cheat him---it’s against all my ____.

A.emotions B.principles C,regulations D.opinions

16.Courage is one of the best ____ of a good soldier.

A.quality B.quantity C.qualification D.feature

17.----I’ve lost in the game again.

----____; you still have more chances.

A.What a pity B,Don’t lose heart C.Don’t lose your heart D.I’m sorry for you

18.Fitness is important in sport, but of at least ____ importance are skills.

A.fair B.reasonable C.equal D.proper

19.You were lucky to escape ____.

A.punished B.from punishing C.being punished D.from being punished

20.It is said that the police have offored a large ____ for information leading to the robber’s arrest.

A.award B.prize C.reward D.welfare

21.He____ for ten years but still doesn’t want to leave office.

A.has been in power B.has come to power C.has taken office D.came into power

22.When____ great trouble, you should learn to make the quick choice without someone to turn ____ for advice.

A.in; down B.in; to C.into; up D.under; to

23.Only____ as an interpreter____ how important it was to practise speaking English.

A.when I worked; I realized B.when did I work; did I realize

C.when I work; did I realize D.when I worked; did I realize

24.The time he has devoted in the past ten years ____ the disabled is now considered____ of great value.

A.to help; being B.to helping; to be C.to help; to be D.helping; being

25.____ that they lost the game, tears came down her face.

A.On hearing the news B.When heard the news

C.The moment Kate heard the news D.While hearing the news

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