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Unit 3 易错

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Unit 3 Travel journal 易错

1.My brother____ singing____ dancing while I ____ dance____ sing.

A.prefers; to; would rather; than B.would rather; tahan; prefer; to

C.prefers; than; would rather; to D.would rather; to; prefer; to

2.The visiting professor ____ giving lectures to students ____ invited to meeting at times.

A.preferred; to being B.preferred to; rather than C.preferred; than being D.preferred; to be

3.Rather than ____ on a crowed bus, he always prefers ____ a bike.

A.ride; ride B.riding; ride C.ride; to ride D.to ride; riding

4.He prefers ____ books at home rather than ____ TV.

A.to read; to watch B.reading; watching C.to read; watch D.reading; to watch

5.Even on a cold day he prefers ____ out to play football ____ at home.

A.going; rather stay B.going; to staying

C.to go; rather than staying D.to go; rather than to stay

6.----Are you still very busy?

----Yes, I ____ the report for the manger and it won’t take long.

A.have just finished B.am just finishing C.had just finished D.am just going to finish

7.Some friends ____ to Anne’s birthday party this evening so her mother is very busy now.

A.come B.are coming C.have come D.had come

8.Because the shop ____, all the T-shirt are sold at half price.

A.has closed down B.closed down C.is closing down D.had closed down

9.Mr. Blake ____ Shanghai in a few days. Do you know when the earliest plane ____ on Sunday?

A.is leaving; takes off B.leaves; takes off C.is leaving; is taking off D.leaves; is taking off

10.----Mike, the phone is ringing. Do you want me to go/

----No, sit still. ____.

A.I’m getting it B.I’llget it C.I’mgoing to get it D.I am to get it

11.----Could we put off our camping?

-----____, this is the only day everyone is available.

A.Not obviously B.Not exactly C.Not nearly D.Not really

12.She was so ____ that she wouldn’t give in until she received a full apology.

A.serious B.determined C.reliable D.stubborn

13.----I’m going to the States.

----How long ____ you ____ in the States?

A.are; stayed B.are; staying C.have; stayed D.did; stay

14.Because of the bad weather, the buolding work was already behind.

A.situation B.speed C.service D.schedule

15.My father has never liked meat, but he always had a ____ for fruit and vegetables.

A.interest B.preference C.enthusiasm D.devotion

16.Despite such a big difference in the ____ towards what one eats, there is no doubt that people in the West regard the Chinese food as something special.

A.point B.idea C.attitude D.sight

17.----Do you think John is coming to attend Mr. Lee’s lecture?

----Sure, I have ____ him to.

A.promised B.suggested C.demanded D.persuaded

18.Mrs Smith has tried many times to persuade her husband to give ____ smoking, but Mr.Smith

wouldn’t listen. Finally Mrs Smith had to give ____ and let him be.

A.in; in B.up; up C.up; in D.in; up

19.To write a good article you must first ____ your ideas very carefully.

A.organize B.settle C.report D.speak

20.We have several models of the latest design ____, you can take whichever you like.

A.to choose B.to be chosen from C.for choosing from D.to choose from

21.The birthday party should be ____ arranged so that everyone can enjoy themselves.

A.exactly B.rightly C.correctly D.properly

22.----I’m afraid that she won’t come to help me as she promised.

----Don’t worry. Nothing will ____ her mind if she has ____ up her mind.

A.change; made B.turn; done C.grow; given D.make; changed

23.____, I have to put it away and focus my atteneion on study this weekl

A.However the story is amusing B.No matter amusing is the story

C.However amusing the story is D.No matter how the story is amusing

24.----Have you been acquainted with each other for long?

----Not very long, ____ we started to work in the company.

A.after B.before C.when D.since

25/____ to train his daughter in English, he put an ad like this in the paper,”____, an English teacher for a ten-year-old girl.”

A.Determined; wanted B.Determined; wanting

C.Determine; wanted D.Determing; wanting

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