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66.And now we can have a baseball ________.

67.How am I going to ________ my English now?

68.Look! The ducks are ________ our picnic.

69.American spaceship ________ a man into space.

70.I think hot dog is ________.

71.A sheep is a farm animal, but a ship ________ on the water.

72.Daming and Simon ate hot dogs and ________ colas.

73.She’s doing exercisis, ________ it’s getting too hot.

74.Yang Liwei’s ________ saw his father and he was proud of him.

75.Sorry, I can’t help you. I’m ________ Daming’s birthday card.

76.Red is a ________ colour in China.

77.Russia sent the first ________ into space.

78.We’re going to ________ around the lake.

79.Tom’s mother ________ hiom a book yesterday.

80.Helen Keller couldn’t see and she ________ hear.

81.First Yang Liwei became a pilot. Then he became a ________.

82.Confucius was ________ in China. He was a great man in Chinese history.

83.Helen Keller couldn’t hear. She was ________.

84.We’re going to walk ________ the lake.

85.I’m going to play football ________ my friend.

86.The sun is ________. It’s geeting too hot.

87.Amy went to a restanrant. She ________ hot dog and drank cola.

88.I’m going ________ walk around the lake.

89.Your work is very good. There is only one ________.

90.You are fiying a kite ________ I am fiying a kite, too.

91.Daming ________ some time in America. He had an American birthday there.

92.We ________ three meals a day. Breakfast is the first one of the day.

93.Helen Keller is a ________ for blind people and for you and me.

94.I’m ________ because my father bought me a new bike yesterday.

95.Helen’s teacher drew ________ in her hand. Helen learned ________ speak.

96.Lots of people saw Yang Liwei’s video, now he is very very ________.

97.Amy said:“Bring cups for the baseball game.” So I ________ these cups.

98.Why did the girl throw the butter ________ the window? Because she wants to see a butterfly. 99.The ballons are ________ away. The girl is running after them.

100.I am having an ice cream. Then I wake up ________ from my dream.

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