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1、k_tch_n 2、r_fr_g_rat_r 3、w_is_er 4、ve_et_b_e 5、tr_ _ngle

6、a_art_ent 7、l_nte_n 8、m_n_ 9、de_ici__ 10、y_st_rd_y 二、翻译(10分) 1. 这个女人是做什么的? _____________________________________

2. 今天天气怎么样? ________________________________

3. 我正在打扫我的卧室。________________________________

4. 是该睡觉的时间了 。 __________________________________

5. 在冬天戴上我的帽子和围巾。____________________________


1. Li Hong is ____ (young) than Wang Xin. 2. Cathy is the ____ (two) one to get up in her family. 3. There are many _____ (sheep) on the farm.

4.These are our ______(toothbrush). 5.Children are _______(sit) in a couch.

6.Mr. Wood sometimes _______(ride) a bicycle to school .

7.The wind blows the _________(leaf) off the trees .

8.Spring, summer, fall and winter are ______(season).

9.We _____________(shop) for Christmas gifs in the shop now.

10.What do you want __________?(eat) 四、按要求完成下面的句子(20分)

1. We are talking about that book.(就划线部分提问)

___________________________________ ?

2.It’s July twenty——second。(就划线部分提问)


3.I think I can。(改为否定句)


4. Jiu Zhaigou(九寨沟) is very beautiful.(变感叹句)


5.Yesterday we bought gifts。(就划线部分提问)


( )1.Is your friend _____________? She is a girl. A.boy or girl B.a boy or a girl C. a boy or girl D.boy or a girl

( )2. She is as busy as a _____.

A.bird B.pig C.bee D.monkey

( )3、请给画线部分选出正确的意思。

A.喜庆的日子 B.红色的一天 C.来信的日子

( )4、He is as poor as a church mouse. 请给画线部分选出正确的意思。

A.他像教堂的老鼠一样可怜 B他很可怜 C、他一贫如洗

( )5、I am a word. I have three letters. My first letter is in cap not in map, my second letter is in bag and wall, my third letter is not in me but in tea. What am I ? A. car B. cap C. cat

( )6. Judy _________ her homework now. She didn't _________ it last night.

A. is doing; finish B. does; finishes C. is doing; finishing D. did; finish

( )7. He drinks _________ milk for breakfast every morning.

A. a few B. many C. a little D. lot

( )8. Tom is 45 kg. Jim is 50 kg. Dave is 52 kg. Tom is _________ than Jim. Jim is _________ than Dave. Dave is the _________ of all.

A. lighter; heavier; heaviest B. lighter; lighter; heaviest

C. heavier; heavier; light D. lighter; lighter; heavy

( )9. —______one do you like, the big one ________ the small one? —I'm not sure.

A. What; and B. Which; or C. Whose; also D. Who; with

( )10. What does “” mean?

A. 收割草坪! B. 勿踏草坪! C. 拔苗助长! D. 躺在草坪上!


1.put_______ 2.teach_______ 3. have_______ 4. send_______ 5. give _______

6.shine_______ 7. run_______ 8. eat_______ 9. do_______ 10. think _______


1. a I day like rainy


2. always walks to she school


3. they on watch sometimes TV Saturday


4. three I see buses can


5. wants a he learn song to new


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