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6B 音标单词大全 Unit 1 young /j??/ go for a walk /w?:k/ glad /gl?d/ as…as /?z; ?z/ tall /t?:l/ than / e?n/ short /??:t/ strong /str??/ heavy /'hev?/ met /met/ chat /t??t/ twin /tw?n/ minute /'m?n?t/ one /w?n/ day /de?/ only /??nl?/ child / t?a?ld/ so /s??/

goalkeeper /'g??lki:p?(r)/ centimeter /'sent?mi:t?(r)/ Unit 2

more /m?: (r)/ be good at low /l??/ slow /sl??/ far /fɑ:/ player /'ple??(r)/ true /tru:/

ball game /b?:l/ /g e?m/ Would you…please? number /n?mb?(r)/ Unit 3 way /we?/ get /get/ along / ?'l??/ street /stri: t/ take /te?k/ stop /st?p/ road /r??d/ history /'h?str?/ museum /mj?'zi:m/ crossing /'kr?s??/ miss /m?s/

kilometer /'k?l?m i: t?(r)/ No. /'n?mb?(r)/

post office /'p??st ?f?s/ told /t??ld/ get to /get tu:/ get on /get ?n/

shopping centre/'??p?? sent?(r)/ middle school /'m?dl sku:l/ That’s all right. bookshop /'b?k??p/ steal /sti:l/ ran /r?n/ out of /??t ?v/ shout /? ??t/ thief /θi:f/

Stop thief! /st?p θi:f/ came /ke?m/

Bank of China /b??k ?v t?a?n?/ hotel /h??tel/ place /ple?s/ Unit 5

season /'si:zn/ next /nekst/ weather /'wee?(r)/ summer /s?m?/ autumn /'?:t?m/ best /best/ spring /spr??/ winter /w?nt?(r)/

What’s the weather like there? What about…? cool /ku:l/ windy /'w?nd?/

countryside /'k?ntr?sa?d/ Sounds great! rain /re?n/ warm /w?: m/ most /m??st/ because /b?'k?:z/ snowman /'sn??m?n/ cloudy /'kla?d?/ rainy /re?n?/ go rowing and fishing Unit 6 plan /pl?n/ have school play /ple?/

take part /pɑ:t/ (in)

Beijing opera /'?pr?/ I’d love to… by the way

concert /'k?ns?t/ picnic /'p?kn?k/ outing /'a?t??/ go on an outing

singing contest /'k?ntest/ sports meeting /sp:ts 'mi:t??/ project /'pr?d?ekt/ zebra /'zebr? ; 'zi:br?/ Africa /'?fr?k?/ Unit 7

letter /'let?(r)/ penfriend /'penfrend/ ask for finish /'f?n??/ everything /'evr?θ??/ number /'n?mb?(r)/ read /red/ (read 的过去式) writing paper /ra?t?? pe?p?(r)/ envelope /'env?l??p/ What for ?

yesterday /'jest?de?/ both /b??θ/ you’ll= you will I hope so. address /?'dres/ fax /f?ks/ machine /m?'?i: n/ postcard /'p??stkɑ:d/ glue /glu:/ will /w?l/ lake /le?k/ wish /w??/ With best wishes

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