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at the weekends 在周末 watch TV at home在家看电视

Friday afternoon星期五下午 watch cartoons看动画片

talk about谈论(某事) listen to music听音乐

talk about their weekends谈论他们的周末 do housework做家务

talk about our hobbies谈论我们的爱好 wash the clothes 洗衣服

spend one’s weekends过周末 read English 读英语

spend your weekends 度过你的周末 draw pictures画画

surf the Internet上网 clean the rooms打扫房间

very interesting非常有趣 sing beautifully唱歌动听

learn a lot from it 从中学到很多 fly high飞得高

learn a lot from the books 从书上学到很多 our good friends 我们的好朋友

learn from him 向他学习 primary school小学

every Saturday and Sunday study at Yu Cai Primary School

每星期六和星期日 在育才小学学习

like sport喜欢运动 like insects very much非常喜欢昆虫

how about…怎么样 a lot of insects许多昆虫

of course当然 other interesting insects其它有趣的昆虫 play on the swings荡秋千 watch ants观察蚂蚁

go to the cinema去电影院 carry big things搬运大东西

go to the park去公园 dance in the flowers在花丛中跳舞

go climbing 去爬山 catch butterflies捉蝴蝶

go swimming去游泳 catch fireflies 捕捉萤火虫

go fishing 去钓鱼 put them in the bottles把它们放在瓶子里 go skating去溜冰 glow at night在夜晚发光

go skiing 去滑雪 sleep in the tree 在树上睡觉


1.How do you spend your weekends? I often go shopping.


2.How does Yang Ling spend her weekends? She often does her homework .Sometimes she reads English books .杨玲怎样过周末的?她经常做家庭作业,有时她看英语书。

3.How does Mike spend his weekends? Sometime he watches bees.


4.How do they spend their weekends ? They often watch cartoons .


5.Do you do house work at the weekends ? Yes , I do .


6.Insects are our good friends 昆虫是我们的好朋友



国家 _____国的 ____国人 (复数) 该国语言

China Chinese Chinese (Chinese) Chinese Japan Japanese Japanese (Japanese) Japanese (the) UK British British (British) English (the) USA American American (Americans) English Australia Australian Australian ( Australians) English France French Frenchman (Frenchmen) French


the English Club英语俱乐部 like Chinese very much非常喜欢汉语 talk to him和他说话 teach English in a primary school from the USA来自美国 在小学教英语

live in New York住在纽约 learn Chinese from me向我学中文 live in China住在中国 learn English from him向他学英语 speak English and Chinese说英语和汉语 write stories写故事

what country什么国家 write stories about them写关于他们的故事 the same country同一个国家 my classmate我的同班同学

different countries不同的国家 a busy housewife一个忙碌的家庭主妇 Nancy’s brother 南希的兄弟 do all the cleaning and cooking

a big city一个大城市 做所有的打扫和做饭工作

would like to 想要(做某事) go to school and go home together I’d like to visit it .我想要参观它。 一起上学和回家

talk to her Chinese friends eat an ice-cream in the sea在海上吃冰淇淋 和她的中国朋友交谈 come here and meet us过来见我们 like teaching 喜欢教书 the home of Tom 汤姆的家乡


1.Where are you from? I’m from China. I’m Chinese.


2.Where is Nancy from? She is from the UK. She’s British.


3.Where is Ben from? He is from the USA. He’s American.


4.Are they from Australia? No, they aren’t . They are from Japan .


5.Do you speak Chinese? Yes, I do. I speak English ,too.


6.Do you speak French? No, I don’t . I speak Japanese and English.


7 . Does he speak Japanese ? No, he doesn’t . He speaks French .



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