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小学四年级上册英语期末测试题 — They are ________ ( doors , door ). 测试分值:100分 三.根据汉语意思,补全单词.(10分) 一.找出不同类的单词.(10分) 1、教室classr__m 2、图画 pictu_e 3、数学 m_th ( )1. A. rice B. chair C. bed 4、书包 schoolb_g 5、强壮stro_g 6、卧室b_droom ( )2. A. window B.door C. pen 7、沙发 s_fa 8、蔬菜veg_table ( )3. A. music B.math C. milk 9、牛肉be_f 10、父母p_rent ( )4. A. uncle B. wall C. father 四.选择填空.(15分) ( )5. A.vegetable B. driver C.soup ()1.How ________dolls do you have? 二.选择正确的单词填空.(15分) A.much B.many C.long 1.How many________ (books , book) do you have? ( ) 2. John is ________ the bedroom. 2.Let ________ (I , me) sweep the floor. A.on B.in C.at

3.I have ________ (an , a) apple and ________ (an , a) orange . ( ) 3.Let ________clean the window.

4. ________ (He , She) is my mother. A.me B.I C.she

5.— What are they ? 第 1 页

( ) 4.What would you like for ________? near the door 在教室里 A.eggs B.milk C.dinner best friend 挂起来 ( ) 5— _____is in your schoolbag? — A pen. in the classroom 好朋友 A.What B.Where C.How 七.选出正确的英文释义。(10分) 五.将问句和相应的合句用直线连起来.(10分) ( )1.你叔叔是做什么的? 1.What’s your father? A. Sure, here you are. A. What’s your uncle? B. Who’s your uncle’s job? 2. How many books do you have? B. Yes, she is. ( )2.你想要什么? 3. May I have a look? C. I have 3. A. What do you like? B. What would you like? 4. What would you like? D. He is a doctor. ( )3.晚饭吃什么? 5. Is she in the study? E. I’d like some beef. A. What’s for dinner? B. What’s dinner?

六.英汉连线.(5分) ( )4.我的笔记本在哪里?

my family 好朋友 A. Where is my Chinese book? B. Where is my notebook? put it up 在门旁边 ( )5.这位司机在书房里。 第 2 页

A. The driver is in the study. B. The teacher is in the kitchen. I’m Tom. I’m eleven years old. I live near the school. I go to school 八.连词组句。(10分) every day. In my family there are three people. My mother, my father and I. My father is a bus driver. He is friendly(友好).He has a lot of friends. My 1. job ,your, What’s , father’s? mother is a teacher. She works at my school. She does housework every day. I __________________________________ love them. 2.bathroom? , in, the, What’s ( )1.Tom is ten years old. __________________________________ ( )2.There are three people in his family. 3.would, like? , you, What ( )3.His father is a teacher. ___________________________________ ( )4.Tom does housework every day. 4.living ,room ? , Are, in, the, they ( )5.Tom’s father has a lot of friends. ___________________________________ 十.阅读短文,选出最佳答案.(10分)

5. apples, many, How, you , do, have? This is Jim’s bedroom. It’s new and nice. A bed and a chair are in it. A

desk is on the floor. Some flowers are on it .A bookshelf is behind the bed.

________________________________________ Some English books are on the shelf. A picture is on the wall. Some people

九.阅读短文,判断下列句子的正误,在括号内打“√ ”或“× ”.(5分) are in the picture. The man is his father. The woman is his mother. Who is the

boy? Do you know?

第 3 页

( )1.Whose room is it ? A. Jim’s room. B. Father’s room. C. Mother’s room. ( )2.Where are the flowers? A. On the floor. B. In the desk. C. On the desk. ( )3.What’s on the shelf? A. Some Chinese books. B. Some math books. C. Some English books. ( )4.Who is the woman? A. Jim. B. Jim’s mother. C. Jim aunt. ( )5.Who is the boy? It’s _____.

A. Jim B. Mike. C. David. 第 4 页

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