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班级__________ 姓名___________ 学号__________ 成绩______________

听 力 (50%)

第一节 1、听一听教室里面有什么, 在对应的图片下打“√”, 短文读两遍。(10分)

( ) ( ) ( ) ( ) ( ) ( ) ( )


____ ____ ____ ____ ____

第二节 请根据录音内容,排顺序。短文读两遍。(10分)



1、 ( ) 2、 ( ) 3、 ( ) 4、( ) 5、( )









( ) ( )( ) ( ) ( )

笔 试 (50%) 第六节 Choose the right words.(选择正确的单词完成句子。(5分) 1. I’d like some __________( potatoes, potato) for dinner. 2. They _________( have, would) like some cabbages. 3. We have pork_________( for, to) lunch on Mondays. 4. John likes ____________( grape, grapes) very much. 5.__________( What’s, What) is your favourite colour?

第七节 按实际情况回答问题。(10分)

1. What day is it today? (星期三) ________________________________________________ 2. What do you have on Mondays? ______________________________________________ 3. What do you do on weekends? __________________________________________________ 4. What’s your father like? ______________________________________________

5. What do you have for lunch on Tuesdays?___________________________________________ 6. What would you like for lunch?______________________________________________ 7. Is it your bedroom big? ____________________________________________

8. Is there an air-conditioner in your room?____________________________________ 9. Are you a good student? ______________________________________________________ 10.Are there any flowers in your school?__________________________________



Jim wants to borrow a book from a new library. He comes to the library with Wang Jin. They can't see any assistants there, but some robots standing there. Then Jim says to the robot,“Hey, give me the book.” But the robot doesn't move.

“What's wrong with the robot?” he asks Wang Jin.

Then Wang Jin tells him, “When you want to borrow something from somebody, you must say‘please' first.” So Jim says,“Please give the book to me, Mr Robot.” Then the robot brings him the books. But again, Jim can't take the book out of the robot's hand.

Wang Jin says,“You must say‘Thank you' before you take the book.” So Jim says,“Oh, thank you very much.” Then the robot gives the book to him.

borrow['b?r?u] 借;借入

assistant[?'sist?nt] 助手 move[mu?v] 移动

( ) 1.Jim and Wang Jin go to the library because(因为) ________ A they want to buy a book B Jim wants to borrow a book

C they want to visit the new library D they want to talk with the root.

( )2.The robot doesn't give(给) Jim the book because ________ A it doesn't like Jim

B it wants to give the book to Wang Jin C Jim doesn't say “please” D Jim can't borrow this book.

( )3.Why can't Jim take the book from the robot? A Because the robot is broken(坏了).

B Because the robot doesn't want to give it to him C Because he doesn't say “please”. D Because he doesn't say “thanks”. ( )4.Jim ________ A is a polite (有礼貌的) boy

B doesn't like to say “please” and “thanks” C doesn't like the robot D is not a good student.

( )5.The robots in the library wants to tell people ________ A they should not come to the library B they can't borrow many books one time

C they cannot take anything out of the robots' hands D they should be polite

(II) 根据短文内容,选择正确答案。(10分)

Snow White has seven friends. They are seven little men. They live in a village with Snow White. They work

very hard everyday. Little man No. 1 can water the flowers and plant vegetables. Little man No. 2 can clean their house. Little man No. 3 can feed the ducks and chickens. Little man No. 4 can wash the clothes. Little man No. 5 can set the table and make the bed. Little man No. 6 can clean the dishes and cook the meals. Little man No. 7 can do nothing but play with Snow White. They have a happy life in the village.

Snow White 白雪公主 vegetable['ved?it?bl] 蔬菜

( )1.There are ________ little men who live in the village with Snow White. A nine B ten C seven ( )2.Little men live in the ________. A village B town C city

( )3.Little man Number Three can ________.

A feed the ducks and chickens B do nothing but play with Snow White C wash the clothes ( )4.They live a ________ life in the village. A sad Be xciting C happy ( )5.Which sentence is wrong(错的)? A They work hard everyday.

B Little man No. 1 can water the flowers and plant vegetables. C Little man No. 6 can play with Snow White.


Welcome to my _____________. It’s small. I have my own ______________now. I


______ the bed. There are many

__________ in the closet . There is a


__ and a red ___________ on the wall . When I open the windows . I can

see a _____________

and many _____________

_ .

I like ___________

and _______________.

第十节Write a short passage .(小作文。)(5分)

请你以“My___________” 为题,描写你的房间;或所在的城市,村庄或学校的外貌特点。 要求:1. 如涉及到名字,请用Amy 或Tom代替;

2.条理清楚,意思连贯,语句通顺,标点正确,书写清晰,规范。 3. 40--50个单词。




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