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6B Unit6试卷

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班级 姓名 等第6BUnit6过关练习卷(2013.4)



( ) 1. A.always B.autumn C.all D.opera

( ) 2. A.concert B.contest C.country D.can?t

( ) 3. A.8:45 a.m. B.8:45 p.m. C.9:15 a.m. D. 8:15 p.m.

( ) 4. A.windy B.winter C.world D.which

( ) 5. A.last B.taste C.fast D.take

( ) 6. A.32659 B.36529 C.23659 D.36259

( ) 7. A.by the way B.ask the way C.know the way D.on the way

( ) 8. A.from Africa B.in America C.to Australia D.from America

( ) 9. A.pick apples B.pick grapes C.pick oranges D.pick pears

( ) 10.A.They?re having a party. B.They?re having a meeting.

C.They?re having a camping trip. D.They?re having a class.

二、 根据你所听到的问句,选出答句。(听两遍)(5分)

( )1. A.Yes,I am. B.Su Yang is younger.

C.Su Yang does . D.Su Yang?s dog.

( )2. A.Hot . .Cold. C.Snowy . D.Cool.

( )3. A.No,she isn?t . B.No,he doesn?t.

C.Yes,he is. D.No,it doesn?t.

( )4. A.She is playing football. B.She played football.

C.She is going to play football. D.She often plays football.

( )5.A.Rice dumplings. B.Chocolate eggs. C.Mooncakes. D.Eat yuanxiao.

三、听录音,根据听到的对话及问题,选择正确的答案。(听两遍) (5分)

( )1.A.I?m not sure. B.Yes, he is. C.No, he isn?t.

( )2.A. She?s forty years old. B. She?s forty –two years old. .

C. She?s thirty years old. .

( )3.A.David. B.Mike. C.Jim.

( )4.A. She?s going to visit her grandparents.

B.She?s going to go on an outing. C.She?s going to see a play.

( )5.A.At 9:15 a.m. . B. At 9:15 p.m. . C. At 9:45 a.m. .

四、根据所听内容,完成短文。(听三遍) (10分)

It is for the weekend. Gao Shan and his dad are going to see a Beijing afternoon. David would like to them. They will near their school. There is going to be a in the school tomorrow. David is




( - 1 -


( ( (


1.上课 3.看话剧演出


7.周末计划 9.夏天的天气


1. ( )Tomorrow is Children?s Day. Helen _____ A. is going to have a party B. had a party

C. likes having a party D. has a party

2. ( ) Which season do you like , spring or winter?

A. good B. better C.best D. well

3. ( ) The weather in Nanjing in summer is as ____ as in Chongqing.

A. colder B. hot C. cold D. cool

4. ( ) In autumn, Helen often ___________ at the weekends.

A.go camping B.goes camping C.went camping D.is going to camp

5. ( ) She is going to work there ______ two years.

A. to B. of C. in D. for

6. ( ) Helen is playing piano. Liu Tao is playing A. the ; the B. the ; / C. / ; the D. / ; /

7. ( .

A. it is. B. I am C. speaking D. speak

8. ( a play yesterday.

A. see B. saw C. sees D. am going to see

9. ( A. be B. do C. am D.are

10.( )Does it often in spring in Jiangyin?

A. rainy B. rain C. rains D.raining


1. He _________(want) (know) about the weather in Beijing.

2. It often _________(rain) there in spring.

3. I _______________________(make) snowmen next week.

4. (there be) a lot of (snow )in Harbin in winter .

5. What about ____________ (go )fishing?

6.We _____(be) in the park just now,but we 7.?--No,they .



- 2 -

( )1. Did you visit Beijing last summer? A. Because it?s cool.

( )2. Is Ben going to the park?? B. Yes, I did.

( )3. What?s the weather like in summer? C. OK.

( )4. Why do you like autumn? D. It?s very hot..

( )5. Shall we meet at 2:30? E. We?re going to play football .

( )6.What are you going to do next week? F. Yes, he is.


1.We?re going to see (对画线部分提问)

going to this afternoon ?

2. Ben is going to have a picnic tomorrow . (用now改写)

Ben __________ a picnic . 对画线部分提问)

the like yesterday?

4. I would like to play the piano .(一般问句,肯定回答)

-- you to play the piano?-- Yes, to.

5.we ,talking, our, plans , for, are, about, weekend, the(.)(连词成句)



the Mike see a the City

She will take part in the on Sunday afternoon .

David is interested in Chinese culture(文化) and he see a Beijing o with his parents .


1. A:他在下个星期三今天计划做什么?B:他计划去看演出。

A:What ________ he going to do next

B:He?s going to ______ .

2. A:他们计划参加运动会吗?B:不。

A: ______ in a _______ _______?

B: No, they aren?t.

3. 在那里冬季经常下雪吗?

_________ it often _______ ________ in ________?


Yang Ling to on an this May Day.


1.How do you go to school? .

4.What are you going to do this weekend? .



- 3 -

Mr Jones and Mr Brown work in the same office. One day Mr Jones says to Mr Brown ,“I will have a small party at our house on Monday evening . Would you and your wife like to come ?” Mr Brown says , “Thank you very much . I?d love to , but let me ask my wife first .” So Mr Brown goes to the other room and telephones his wife . Then he comes back and looks very worried . “What?s the matter?” asks Mr Jones . “Is your wife there at home ?” “No,” answers Mr Brown . “She isn?t there . My small son answers the telephone . I say to him , ?Is your mother there , David ?? and he answers ?No , she isn?t in the house.? ?Where is she ?? I ask ,?She is somewhere outside(在外面) .??What?s she doing?? ?She is looking for me .?

( )1.There is a party at Mr Jones?s house on Monday evening .

( )2.Mr Jones asks Mr Brown and his wife to go to the party .

( )3.The telephone is in Mr Brown?s office.

( )4.Mr Brown speaks to Mrs Brown on the telephone .

( )5.Mrs Brown is looking for her son .


There are four seasons in China. March, April and May make the spring. June, July and August make the summer season. September, October and November make the autumn season. The rest(剩下)of months make the winter season.

The Australia seasons are the opposite(相反的)of ours. When it?s spring in China, it is autumn in Australia.

Australia is in the south(南方)of the earth. June, July and August are the winter months. The summer is in December, January and February. It?s very hot there, too.

Near the North Pole(北极)there are two seasons. The winter nights are long. For more than two months you can?t see the sun, even at noon. The summer days are long. For more that two months, the sun never sets(落下), and there?s no night.

( ) 1. make the winter season in China.

A.October, November and December B. November, December and January

C. December, January and FebruaryD. January, February and March

( ) 2. When it?s summer in China, it is in Australia.

A. winter B. autumn C. spring D. summer

( ) 3. Near the North Pole there are two seasons: A. spring and summer B. summer and winter

C. summer and autumn D. spring and winter

( ) 4. Near the North Pole, there?s no night in summer for more than

A. one B. two C. three D. four

( ) 5. in winter near the North Pole.

A. The days are longer than the nights

B. The days are as long as the nights

C. The days are shorter than the nights

D. The nights are shorter than the days

- 4 -

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