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Module 1 Unit 1 She was a driver before .(2页)

1. Listen, point and find “was ”.

Lingling is in England with and Amy .

Lingling : Look .This is my grandma . She was young in this picture .

Lingling : She was a driver before .

Sam: What did she drive ?

Lingling : She drove a bus .

Amy: Who’s this ?

Lingling : It’s my grandpa . He was a flute player before . Sam: What music did he play ?

Lingling : He played Chinese music .

Lingling : I can play the flute , too.

Amy and Sam : Oh no ! You can’t !

2. Listen and say .

Lingling : My grandma was a driver before .

Sam : What did she drive ?

Lingling : She drove a bus .

Lingling : My grandpa was a flute player before .

Amy : What music did he play ?

Lingling : He played Chinese music .

3. Practise .

A: What was he before ? B : He was a doctor . A: What did he do ? B : He helped children . A: What is he now ? B : He’s a teacher .

A: What does he teach? B : He teaches English . Unit 2 He worked in an office .

Boy: Where did your grandpa work ?

Girl : He worked in an office .

Boy: Where did your grandma work ?

Girl : She worked in a factory.

Boy: Where do your parents work ?

Girl : My mother works in a shop . My father works in a hospital .

Module2 Unit 1 What did she have for lunch ?

1. Listen ,point and find “ had “

Daming: Look, I’ve got an email from Lingling , It’s about English food .

Fanfan : What does it say?

Daming : Yesterday she had an English breakfast .

Fanfan : What did she have ?

Daming : She had eggs and sausages .

Fanfan : And what did she have for lunch ? Daming : She had sandwiches .

Fanfan : And what did she have for dinner ? Daming : She had fish and chips .

Fanfan: Fish and chips ?

Daming : Yes , It’s a traditional English dinner . Fanfan : Does Lingling like English food ?

Daming : Yes , she does . She says it’s delicious . But it’s very different.

Unit 2 Lunch is usually at half past twelve .

In England ,people usually have breakfast at seven o’clock. Lunch is usually at half past twelve .Dinner is usually at half past six.

Sunday are special in England . Families usually eat lunch together . They eat chicken potatoes and vegetables . On Fridays . many people eat fish .

Module 3 Unit 1 Have you got the Harry Potter videos?

第二单元 候补

A: What time does Sam have breakfast ?

B: He has breakfast at seven .

A: What does he have for breakfast ?

B: He has eggs and sausages.

1.Linten , point and find “Have got “.

At the Library.

Amy : Excuse me . Have you got the Harry Potter videos ?

Librarian: I’ll look on the computer . Sorry . we haven’t got the videos . But we have got the books .

Amy : Oh good . Where are they ?

Librarian : They’re on Shelf C.

Librarian: Ahh .You’ve got lots of Harry Potter books here ! Amy : Yes , we have . Harry Potter’s our favourite.

Lingling: We like Harry Potter in China , too.

Librarian: Your library card ,please .

Amy: Here you are .

Librarian: Please return the books in two weeks .

Amy and Lingling : Thank you .

Unit 2 You can use the computers.

1. Listen and repeat .

You can do lots of things in English libraries .You can borrow books , videos and CDs . You can use the computers . You can do your homework . But you can’ t talk to your friends .


1. Listen ,point and find “it ,them ”.

Daming’s grandma lives in America.

Daming : Nihao !

Grandma: Daming , it’s Grandma !

Daming : Hello,Grandma. How are you ?

Grandma :I’m fine ,thanks. Daming, I sent you a Maths game . Did you get it ?

Daming : Yes , Grandma . Thank you .

Grandma : And I sent you American chocolates . Did you eat them ?

Daming : Yes, we ate them , Thank you . They were delicious . Grandma : And I sent you English books . Did you read them ? Daming : Yes , Grandma . I read them .

Grandma : Good , Please come to America this summer . Do you want to come ?

Daming: Yes , Grandma . Oh , Mimi is eating my chocolate! 第二单元

1. Listen and repeat.

2. What’s your favourite season?

My favourite season is spring . It’s warm .I can see the baby ducks . There are flowers on the trees .

I love summer . It’s hot . I can go swimming . I can wear shorts and sandals .

I love artumn . It’s cool . The leaves fall from the trees . I can play with them .

I love winter . It’s cold . I can play with the snow . I can wear a coat and gloves .

What can you do in spring ? What can you do in summer ? I can see the baby ducks . I can go swimming .

What can you do in autumn ? What can you do in winter ? I can play football . I can play football .


1. Listen ,point and find “ broken , new …”

Ms smart : Lingling , your bag is broken ! You can’t take it to China . I’ll buy you a new one .

Linling: Thank you .

At the Shop

Lingling : This black bag is nice . It’s big .

Ms Smart : But it’s very heavy . Look at this green one . It’s light .

Lingling : But it’s very small . Ms Smart . I really like the black one .

Sales assistant : This black bag has got wheels . It will be easy for her .

Ms smart : Great ! We’ll take it . please .

Lingling: Thank you very much.

Unit 2 Mine is pink .

My school bag is red and blue . I carry it on my back . Mine is pink . I carry it over my shoulder .

Mine is brown . I carry it with my hand .

My bag is broken . I can’t carry it at all .

Mouth , mouth ! It eats with its mouth . It’s got a very big mouth .

Ears , ears ! It hears with its ears .It’s got very long ears . Eyes , eyes! It sees with its eyes .It’s got very small eyes . Les, legs ! It walks with its legs . It’s got eight long legs .


1. Listen ,point and find “ will” .

Amy : On Saturday we’re going to see Stonehenge . Lingling : What’s that ?

Amy: It’s a very old place .It’s five thousand years old . Lingling: That’s very old! What will we see there ?

Amy : We’ll see lots of very big stones . They are in a circle . Some stones are on top of others .

Lingling : It’s very interesting . Why did people build this ? Amy: It’s a mystery . No one knows .

Amy : You’re clever . Maybe you will solve the mystery ! Lingling: I hope so !

Lingling : How will we get there ?

Amy : By car . It will take three hours .


1. Listen and repeat .”

Dear Daming ,

Last Saturday we had a picnic at a place called Stonehenge . Then I had a very big surprise . Mr Smart said “Now we will see Stonehenge from the air .” He pointed to the sky . I laughed . I thought it was a joke . “ The stones are big . But from the sky they will look small .” he said .

Then we went and saw a helicopter ! We took a helicopter ride over Stonehenge ! It was amazing ! I took photos with my camera .What will you do this summer ?




Unint 1 Write your message .

Tom: What’s an email ,Amy?

Amy : It’s computer message . It goes from one computer to another computer . Let’s send an email to Dad!

Tom: Yes , that’s a good idea .

Amy: Click on “Email” , Now click on “write” . Good boy,Tom. Amy: Write your message.

Tom: Hello , Dad . I can send emails now. From , Tom .

Amy: Click on “Send “. The message will go to Dad’s computer at work .

Mr Smart : Ahh ! I’ve got an email from little Tom !

Unit 2 I will be home at seven o’clock.

1. Listen and repeat .



Dear Tom,

Thank you for your email .It was a surprise . Today I an working very hard at the office . I am very busy , I will be home at seven o’clock .

See you later .

Love from,


韵句:I go to school every day . I work so hard , all day I stay . But after school I go home . I do my homework . on my own .Then I help my mum and dad . It’s sometimes fun . It isn’t bad . And after such a busy day , it’s time at last for me to play .


Unit 1 Will you help me ?

1. Listen , point and find “will”.

Daming: I’m going to visit my cousin in America .His name is Simon . What present can I take ?

Fanfan : What about chopsticks ?

Daming: I think he’s got some chopsticks .His mother and grandma are Chinese.

Daming : I think I’ll make a Chinese kite!

Fanfan: But will it be windy in New York ?

Daming: I think so.

Daming : Will you help me ?

Fanfan : Of course .

Fanfan : Daming , your cousin will love this kite . It’s a Chinese draon .

Daming : Thank you for your help . It will be a great present . Unit2 .1. Listen and repeat .

How I made the kite .

I drew a dragon on a piece of yellow paper.

I painted it .

I cut the paper with scissors .

I put sticks on it .

I put strings on it .

Then , I could fly my kite .

What are you going to do tomorrow?

I’m going to go swimming tomorrow .

Module 9 Unit 1 We laughed a lot .

1. Listen , point nd find words in the past tense.

Daming: Wow! I’ve got two letters in English ! One is from England and one is from America .

Dear Daming ,

Last week we went to a children’s theatre .The men wore women’s clothes .The women wore men’s clothes .The actors told lots of jokes .It was very funny .We laughed aa lot , English children love the theatre.

After the show we went to a restaurant ,We all ate hamburgers and chips .

Are you ready for your trip to America ?

From ,


Unit 2 That will be fun !

Dear Cousin Daming ,

How are you ? We are getting ready for your visit .Dad put another bed in my room.

Mum bought new chopsticks for you . And Dad read book about Chinese history . He is going to ask you questions ! And we borrowed a bike for you .

We will be together . That will be fun !

Write soon,


Module 10 Unit 1 What did you put in your bag ?

1. Listen ,point and find “what ,where ,when ,who”.

Grandma: Daming ,are you ready for your trip tomorrow ? Daming : Grandma ,I don’t know .

Grandma : What did you put in your bag ?

Daming : My clothes , my shoes , a present , my ticket , my passport and my toothbrush.

Grandma : And where will you go tomorrow ?

Daming : I’ll go to the airport . Then I’ll take the plane to America. Grandma : When will you leave tomorrow ?

Daming : At six o’clock in the morning .

Grandma : And who is going to go to America ?

Daming : Who? I don’t know .Mmm Oh, me ! I’m going ! Ha,ha,ha.

Grandma : I’ll see you at New York Airport tomorrow . Daming : Yes , Bye !

Unit 2 I played on the beach.

1. Listen and repeat .

I’m Hannah .Last summer I went to Brighton .I went there in July . I played on the beach . I visited very old buildings . I made a new friend there . Her name is Daisy . I will write to her .

I’m Wang Fei . Last summer I went t Mount Tai . I went there August . I climbed the mountain and had a picnic . I met my grandparents there . We had a really good time together .

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