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Class__________ Name________________ 听力部分

一、 根据你所听到的内容,选择相符的一项,并将其字母编号填在题前的括号内。(10分) ( ) 1.A. park B. path C. bath

( ) 2. A. end table B. ten tables C. red tables ( ) 3.A. small houses B. small horses C. big horses ( ) 4.A. fresh fruit B. fresh food C. fresh fish ( ) 5.A. there are B. they are C. there is ( ) 6.A. bed B. bag C. bad ( ) 7.A. 15 B. 50 C. 55

( ) 8. A. 140cm B. 114cm C. 130cm ( ) 9. A. sunny B. Sunday C. snowy ( ) 10.A. sheep B. ship C. shirt

二、 根据你所听到的内容,判断图片或句子是否相符,相符的在题前的括号内打“√”,不相符的打“×”。(10分)

1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

( ) ( ) ( ) ( ) ( ) ( ) 6. Amy is 15 years old.

( ) 7. The cinema is west of the library. ( ) 8. My mother is 50kg.

( ) 9. The door is in front of the trash bin. ( ) 10. I am going to Beijing by plane.

三、 根据你所听到的内容,选择合适的答案,并将其字母编号填在题前的括号内。(10分) ( ) 1. A. He’s happy. B. He has a fever. C. He had a cold. ( ) 2. A. Last Sunday. B. Tomorrow. C. This morning. ( ) 3. A. He likes diving. B. He is a teacher. C. He is tall. ( ) 4. A. Yes, they are. B. Yes, they aren’t. C. Yes, there are. ( ) 5. A. Yes, it is. B. Yes, he is. C. Yes, she is.

四、 根据你所听到的内容填入所缺的单词,使意思合理、完整,每空只填一词。(5分) 1. Li Ming was an _____________ years ago. 2. I bought a ____________ last night.

3. She usually ____________ a kite on the weekend. 4. Did they _____________ last Sunday?

5. There are two ______________ over the river.

五、 根据你所听到的内容,判断下列句子的对错。对的在题前的括号内打“√”,错的打“×”。(10分) ( ) 1.Sarah, Mike and Amy are cousins. ( ) 2.Mike is an English boy.

( ) 3.Sarah is 10 cm shorter than Mike. ( ) 4.Sarah is 45 kg. ( ) 5.Amy is from America. 笔试部分

六、 根据上下文,从所给的七个句子中选择五个句子,将对话补充完整,并将该选项前面的字母编号写在相应的横线上。(10分)

Zip: Hey, Zoom. _________________________? Zoom: I went to the hospital on the weekend. Zip: ______________________________? Zoom: Yes, I was sick.

Zip: ______________________________? Zoom: I had a fever and my throat is sore.

Zip: You should do sports and make yourself to be stronger. Zoom: You are right. ________________________________? Zip: That’s a good idea. But I will go swimming this afternoon. Zoom: _______________________. Zip: Sure! Let’s go together.

A. What was the matter? B. Can I go with you? C. Where did you go last weekend? D. Were you sick? E. How do you feel? F. Did you go swimming with me? G. Let’s go swimming tomorrow, OK? 七、 阅读下面的短文,按要求答题。(15分) (一)

I’m Lily. Today was a bad day. I went to the bookstore in the morning. I read a story book, it was very interesting. Then I wanted to buy some food. I went shopping in a supermarket. When it was my turn(轮到我)to pay for (给钱)the food, I couldn’t find my wallet(钱包). So I went back to the bookstore and looked for my wallet. I asked the salesperson, but he didn’t know. Then I asked a cleaner, she said she saw it on the chair, and someone took it away(拿走).I lost(丢失)the wallet. There was sixty yuan in my wallet. I was very sad.


( )1What did Lily do in the supermarket? A. Read a story book. B. bought some food.

( ) 2. Who saw the wallet? A. A salesperson. B. A cleaner.

( ) 3.Lily lost her wallet in the . A. bookstore B. supermarket. ( ) 4. How did Lily feel today? She felt . A. happy B. sad

( ) 5. How many people did Lily ask? She asked . A. one B. two (二)

Mike is 9 years old. He is in Grade 3. He is excited today. He got 100 marks in his English test. He sings and dances on his way home. Suddenly, he hits hid head on the wall. His head hurts badly. He cries(哭). He feels very sad. He goes back home. His mother is doing homework. She’s hot and tired. She’s very angry when she sees Mike, “Where are your eyes?” she shouts.

根据短文内容判断正误,对的打“√”,错的打“×”。 ( ) 1.Mike is a student.

( ) 2. Mike does well in his English.

( ) 3. Mike feels excited because he got 100 marks in his English test.

( ) 4. Mike hurts his hand on his way home.

( ) 5. Mike’s mother is very sad when she sees Mike.

八、 阅读下面的短文,从所给的单词中选择合适的单词补全短文,每空只填一词,每词只用一次。(10分)

don’t didn’t went go going was

take took sang with by ate

I am John. I like on a big trip. I usually a trip on my summer holiday. I often go to Beijing my parents. But last summer holiday, I go to Beijing. I to Xinjiang. I went

there train. I good food, pictures and

and danced. I very happy.


1. A:_____________________________________________?

B: He is excited.

2. A:____________________________________________?

B: No, Amy often goes hiking on the weekends.

3. A:_____________________________________________?

B: Tom is going to climb mountains tomorrow.

4. A:______________________________________________?

B: She is an accountant.

5. A:____________________________________________?

B: Li Hua is reading books.

十. 小练笔。根据图片提示,写一写假如你得了流感会有什么症状?应该怎么做?不少于5句话。(10分)






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